Written by billy

10 Aug 2015

If you read my stories you know we are seeing each other again, and you probably know I still love her very much, but I still had the upper hand, and would make the most of it. I fucked her everywhere we could, wanked her in clubs, parks, back of the car cinema,s, we were in the park one day sit opposite me open your legs and make yourself come, she looked sheepish, what if someone passed by, that will make it more exciting she pulled her skirt and petticoat up to her knickers, moved them over and played with herself, had I gone to far as I was still in love, nobody passed by watched her come and so did I. I now wanted more,, I kept thinking of the guy that fucked her when we were together we carried on and had some great times together. Our times together were getting further apart, she seemed to be more busy than of late, was she at it again. I told her I couldn't see her for a few days and be in touch , I drove up each evening to see if anything was going on, I saw from a distance her getting into a car, I followed at a distance, they pulled straight into a car park, I parked and crept over, I had left it a while, in. Case I'd got it wrong.I looked through and she was naked except for her stockings and suspenders and being fucked again, I immediately started wanking and came in seconds. What to do carry on and get all the things I want or tell her. I picked her up and we went to the pictures, I made it obvious to the people around us what we were doing, I could see a man wanking and told her, open your legs more,she did does this feel nice knowing somebody is watching, like I was when you were being fucked the other night. We left and I took her to the car park where I'd watched them, I turned the light on take your dress off, she did and I fucked her. Drove her home and said goodbye, I will never see you again and I never did, but to this day I still love her with that early passion, did I make the r decision, you tell me.