Written by Emerald Eye'll

27 Jun 2007

I've been on and off this site for a few years. Living in Ireland its a little more difficult to meet people and to be honest, its really been me on my own fantasising about 3somes and all the rest. Until recently.....

I posted an ad looking for a couple or female using photos taken a while ago of M in various sexy positions. Got a few replies from local couples. A few weeks ago after a great session, I brought up the subject of another couple or female joining us. This wasnt the first time we had discussed but it had never been more than an erotic chat. This time though, M seemed more interested and I confessed that I had placed an ad. She was shocked initially until I told her that she couldn't be identified. She was very curious, "did you get replies", "were they couples or singles" "can I see". Still in bed I went and got the laptop and logged onto the site, first showing her our 'profile' and then going to the mailbox. "Hi you guys sound just right for us, wud like cam2cam first and then..." was typical of the replies or "I'm Jim, well hung guy 30 wud love to meet ye"

No single females but she seemed intrigued anyway. "The choice is completely yours, lets try it once and then leave it if we both dont enjoy it" I offered...."Maybe but lets talk this through". So we did, M would do the Bifem thing for the boys..but in return she wanted to see me suck cock. We had used a strap on a few times and we both enjoyed the role reversal and in the heat of passion she would sometimes say how she would like to see me take the real thing.

One of the replies had a bicurious couple who were close to us in age (early 40's). The pics looked normal but sexy. So we exchanged emails before arranging a meet. We agreed that we would meet and test the water and not jump into anything until we both felt comfortable. THe night of the meeting was very sexy. We had sent the kids off to granny, had a bottle of wine around 6ish. "How should I dress?" M asked. "Sexy with a hint of tart" I replied. And so she did. Low top, tight jeans, boots. She looked great. I was constantly hard and thinking that this would nearly be enough! (Only joking) We were both a little nervous but with a little dutch courage on board set off.

We both felt really self-concious walking into the country pub. We were convinced everyone knew why we were there and we were a little overdressed. Thankfully we immediatley noticed another similarly nervous looking couple seated in a corner. We made a beeline. "Hi" kisses, hand shakes, "Hi". Drinks ordered and we were soon like old friends taking comfort from the strange circumstances and getting a little giddy as the nerves settled. She was attractive if a little older than the picture suggested. Slim, nice boobs great ass kind of old looking face. He was a little heavy but smooth shaved (a pre-requisite for M)but they were both up for a laugh and as the drinks flows the craic (as we say here) was great.

Finally, "well have you guys done this before?" I asked. Turned out that they had had two disasterous meets, one got to the bedroom and the other did'nt even get to the bar. They elaborated and it turned out that they had hooked a strange one, extreme watersports! which didn't at all float thir boat!. We laughed and agreed that they shouldn't elaborate!

Around 10.30 they invited us back for a nightcap. We all agreed that we were having a good time and that the chemistry was great. We followed them and we had a chance to chat in the car. "They seem really nice and normal" M said. "What will we do" she asked. "lets just see how it goes" I replied.

Brandy all round....Both women sat on the couch together and I was starting to get turned on...all sorts of thoughts going through my head. "We've got some nice porn DVDs, shall I put one on" John suggested. "Why not" we both replied together. It was a swinging movie but not pro. We continued to talk and laugh together. Kate put her head on M shoulder and started nuzzling her neck. It all seemed natural. John and I continued to talk and drink, one eye on the girls and the other on the movie. I could see that M was a little drunk as she started to respond to Kates carresses. Kates hands drifted over M's body. I was really turned on and stretched out on the armchair rubbing my cock though my jeans. This was becoming a very sexy situation and it was obvious that the girls were getting very turned on. John was first to move. He went over to the couch, sat on a corner of it and started carressing Kates tits though the thin material. She arched her body in response. His hands drifted onto M's chest. I was rock hard watching this. His hands alternated between the two girls. M's reached out a hand and placed it on John's crotch. I am sitting there looking at my wife's hand on another guys cock. Is this really happening? Kate opened the top button of M's jeans. M arched her back to make it easier. Immediately John's hand was there...This was bloody great. I got my cock out and started to wank it slowly. Kate had taken her top off and was staring intently at my cock while gently pinching M's nipples. John had his hand in my wifes jeans and she was writhing in response. M's had managed to release John's cock and was playing with it, oblivious to everything and concious of everything if you know what I mean. Kate untangled herself and came over to me on the armchair. She got on her knees in front of me and took my cock in her mouth.....No words were spoken at all. I felt stoned....

Gotta go now, but coming up in part 2...Upstairs, my first bi experience....toys.....some bondage....and believe it or not....ham sandwiches!