Written by phoneking

5 Feb 2007

Myself and my girlfriend went out as usual yesterday for a Sunday lunchtime drink or two.We go to a fairly quiet pub situated off the main high street in Rochester.There is never many other couples in there but yesterday we got talking to this couple who live in Canterbury and were visiting friends.Apparently Tom and Jill were new to the area.After a couple of rounds of drinks Jill got a call from Susan one of their pals to say they had had a blazing row and could Jill go and talk things over with her.Tom wasnt keen on going so Jill went and Tom stayed drinking with us.

After more drinks we decided to move on to the high street and asked if Tom wanted to join us.

A couple of pubs later we were all pretty merry and as Tom had got a call from Jill to say she could be some time we asked him back to our house for more drinks or coffees.

We opened up a bottle of wine and all settled back on our big sofa to watch an old movie.I was feeling pretty randy by now and couldnt help stroking and kissing my girlfriend Lesley all the time watching Tom to guage any reaction.Lesley went in to the kitchen for something and i followed her out."I know what you are up to" she said."You are expecting this to turn in to your mmf fantasy".

"would it be such a bad thing if it did?"i said.

I had tried to talk her in to having one for years but she always said no until now.

As we were standing there i started to stroke her and we kissed passionately.I started to undo her buttons on her top,"what about Tom?" she said."I want this now" i said.

Her top now undone i dragged it off her and started on her jeans,she was pulling my shirt off at the same time.Jeans now off,with her in panties and bra i pushed her back across the kitchen table and pulling her panties to one side i began to taste her delicious trimmed pussy.There was no going back now.She was in ecstacy and i was rock hard at the thought that Tom was only in the other room and could walk in at any moment.

I didnt have to wait long,as i was struggling with my jeans and still stroking and licking Lesley Tom appeared in the doorway.Lesley looked across at him,closed her eyes and looked away but didnt stop me.After standing there for a few seconds i smiled at him and he waked over.He touched Lesleys hand and began to stroke her arm.Although she flinched slightly she didnt stop him.He moved her hand to the front of his jeans where a large bulge was now jutting.Much to my amazement and delight she began stroking him.He removed his shirt and gradually removed his jeans.Standing there in just boxers her hand was carressing him.Still looking the other way she pulled them down,he helped and her nails were stroking another mans cock.Her other hand was over her face although her shyness was fast leaving her.

She was wanking him firmly now when he pulled away,walked around the table to her face,stroked her hair and moved the tip of his rigid cock close to her mouth.She opened her eyes,stuck out her tongue and flicked it all over the tip.He moved forward and Lesley opened her mouth wide and he was in.Whilst gently stroking her hair he very slowly began fucking her mouth.I could see her tongue and hear her slurping on it.I was now holding her thighs wide apart and started to thrust my own cock in to her pussy.She was very flushed and didnt object when Tom undid and removed her bra and began stroking her lovely pert breasts.I wasnt going to last much longer and after a few minutes more i came inside her.Around the same time Tom had speeded up a touch and Lesley was stroking his balls."I am going to cum" said Tom.But Lesley didnt take his cock out as she does to me.She carried on.Lesley began to shake and started to orgasm."Im cumming" said Tom.And he did.Lesley was holding his red rigid cock at the base and obviously swallowing his cum.

I moved closer to see better.Even though he had stopped she was still licking and sucking.He was still rock hard too.

More forceful now he took control and pulled away and moved around to her pussy.He pulled her lips apart and licked her and tasted her.I moved around to her head and she took my cock and pulled it in to her mouth and began sucking hard.Her hand was holding my bum and her other hand was flicking her clit and Toms tongue.He stood up and in one movement he rammed his cock all the way in.I felt her jolt and for a moment she could do nothing.She started to suck me again but she couldnt concentrate so after sucking her proud erect nipples for a while i just stood and wanked as Tom gave her a pounding.She was using both hands to hold her lips apart as he fucked her for what seemed like ages.Then he stopped,withdrew,took her by the hand and led her in to the living room.He had her on her knees,bent over the sofa and started to fuck her with long hard strokes,he was stroking her breasts and gently finger fucking her arse.She was reaching behind her and playing with her clit and massaging his balls.After two more orgasms from Lesley he eventually came deep inside her.

Lesley went upstairs.Now slightly embarrased.

We both got dressed and Tom left.

Although Lesley obviously loved it she is still very shy and not sure if she could ever do it again.

Great memories though.