Written by rustynuts

8 Feb 2011

As I told you in Tame but True my first sexual experience was very quick but woke me up to the world of sex at the age of 18. My next encounter was only weeks later and was totally different.

OI was talking to my mate after a morning rugby training, when he told me that this girl called Jean wanted to shave me. As I said before, life had been sheltered for me and this was all new. I just laughed it off and went home.

The next morning I was out early and who should I bump into but Jean. Now, Jean had a bit of a reputation and had been with loads of lads, allegedly. She spoke to me for the first time ever. We mainly spoke about work and trivial stuff, but then she said " did your mate tell you what I said? ".

I told her that he did and we both got off the bus and went to our respective workplaces.

After work I decided to walk home and when I was about 5 minutes away there stood Jean. Quite tall at around 5 ft 10ins, slim but not too much so, raven black natural hair and the most blue eyes you could ever see. Dressed in a light flowy dress that outline her shape perfectly as the sun shone behind her. She had firm boobs as any 20 year old should, about 34 b at a guess.

"I waited here cos I saw you walking as I passed you on the bus. Can I walk with you?" I replied that she could. As we walked I felt stirrings below to be walking with such a stunned.

Jean lived a couple of streets from me and as we passed the end of her road we stopped but instead of goodbye she asked me to her place. I went with her.

We went in through the kitchen door of her house to be greeted by her mum, who was very at ease as Jean said to her that we wanted a drink and were going upstairs to talk. At this my small, thick dick became solid. Once in her Finn she opened the Windows, and I asked her if she usually brought lads up here, and didn't her mum mind.

" I know people think I am a slag but I just know what I like, I guess it runs in the family. My mum is just the same." We talked awhile and eventually she told me to lie back on the bed and get comfortable. I did and watched in disbelief as she pulled the dress up over her head and off. She had no underwear but I knew that from the sunshine silhouettes. She looked fantastic.

Then she surprised me as she said that I had to do as she said, and that I could look at her but not touch. She said she wanted to give me pleasure and for me to take it. She told me to get undressed and I did.

She cuddled up to me on the bed and told me that she had never seen a cock as thick as mine and that she would struggle to get her mouth round it. She told me that she was going to enjoy making me cum loads this evening and that if I did what she said I could come back another night to screw her. She took hold of my pricked and stroked it for what felt like ages but was probably only a few minutes. I went to touch here fits but she reminded me of her no touching rule. She got off the bed and stood with one leg raised on to it and showed me her open pussy, which was very moist. She touched herself and breathed deeply. Then she stopped and I sensed it was my turn. She knelt between my legs , put one hand on either side of my penis and pressed down onto my pubic bone so hard that it nearly hurt. This had the effect of my cock being at its hardest ever and lengthened it to almost 7 inches at a guess. She licked her lips and lasted her mouth onto it. She gently sucked and kissed it for ages, and seemed to know just how to keep me going without shooting my load. When she was good and ready she opened wide and took my entire manhood as deep as she could and she almost gagged. She had one hand round the base of me and the other flicked her nipples fast. I told her I was ready to come. She just continued, and almost gagged again as I shot my hot semen down her throat. She just pushed her head further on to my dick. Swallowing my whole load as I softened in her mouth, but jean hadn't finished. She kept on licking, kissing and sucking me as she played with herself. She shook gently as she had an orgasm and I became firm again.

She got up said "stay there, slipped the dress back on and went downstairs.

On her return she had a tray with cold drinks. She slipped out of the dress again revealing her perfect body. She got up on the bed and with one foot either side of my played with her clit whilst occasionally pushing a finger in her fanny.

After this she sat cross legged between my legs and took an ice cube from one of the drinks. She drew patterns around my cock and then shedid something I will never forget. I have an uncut cock and quite a loose foreskin. She took the ice, pulled back my skin, put the ice on my purple coco head and closed my skin over it. Painful but on a very sexual level. She performed oral on me again and all the time had the cube in her mouth.

She stuck to her word that night Andorra never did get to touch her in a sexual way, but she made me come 5 times in total. Every time she swallowed my spunk.

We talked before i left and she told me that if i kept this go myself that there would be a repeat. Just as i dressed told go she pecked me on the cheek and guided my hand to her wet hole briefly. I left with a well used cock and no Intention of telling anyone. I did get to hook up with Jean again. I could tell you about it of you want me to.