Written by mr ben

13 Mar 2007

It all started on Thursday morning I signed on to sh and started looking at add that were local to me I was looking for a quick shag and what I found was out of this world I looked though the single females and the couples looking for guys and I found a couple not far from me looking for a guy like me I massaged them and went to work when I got home James the male of the couple had e-mailed me back and asked to chat Friday morning I agreed and told him to be on about 8am I when to bed nervous and horny thinking of the pic I’d seen of his wife on there profile and what I was hoping was going to happen after our chat Friday I woke up with a rock hard hard-on I signed on and found James in a chat room I put my cam on and asked him if he liked what I had to offer James said his wife would love it and they might be able to meet me that night my hart jumped as I wanked my 8 ½” cock for all it was worth we exchanged numbers and I finished off thinking of the nights possibilities at about 5:30 I got a txt from James saying it was all on for tonight I got there address and after getting lost a bit I got to there house for 9pm I was shiting it sweaty palms hart beating fast lump in my thought I ran through my check list James had gave me earlier shower shave trimmed pubes plus I was checking my self in every cars reflection to see if I looked smart and presentable black jumper t-shirt jeans and trainers I got to the house this was it all or nothing I was just about to knock the door when James opened it a guy in his mid 30’s stocky about my hight with light hair he shook my hand and introduced himself I must of looked like a rabbit in head lights we walked in the house as I followed him in to the living room there was a film on TV and James sat down on the chair nearest to it I sat down on the settee next to Pam who was looking to die for she had stockings on a knee length black skirt white blouse and black waist coat they offered me a drink but I was to nervous and had butterflies in my stomach Pam must have seen it because she gave me her wine glass and I took to big gulps we chatted for a couple of minutes then Pam stood up and said ok were off up stairs James turned and smiled as Pam took my hand and walked me up stairs in the bed room she lay on the bed and looked like a goddess I could see more of her figure hear she was asking me about my previous experiences with sex and if I wanted to learn more I did, she was about a size 12 with d or dd tits and an all over golden tan I asked to see her arse first she bent over and I lifted the back of her skirt the thong she was wearing was pulled nice and firmly up her crack and round her waist I reached up and touched her inner thigh till I found her wet slit mmmm I was so warm and sticky I was hard as nails now and almost all my nerves were gone she turned over and I dived in her hairy bush it tasted so good she told me to strip I took off my top and jeans as she opened her blouse to show me her mesmerizing tits they were amazing hypnotic sucked on them lightly chewing them moving up to kiss her as my hand explore her womanly body this was no girl like I was used to this was a horny sexy woman and I was hoping she was going to teach me every thing she new I lined up in-between her legs and slid my cock in her wet slippery hole it was so warm and sticky I was in heaven I started slow pounding hard then quickly I sped up the pace I was banging her hard and fast her face told me I was doing a good job but she told me to slow down so I would last then I herd a voice say take off your boxers it was James he’d been watching the hole thing from the doorway I pulled out and took them off as he took my place and continued to fuck her hard I’d never seen a woman like this in real life she was loving it and wanted more who was I to say no I went over to her head and had her suck my cock licking the mix of her juice and my pre cum off my bell end then Pam asked James to suck me if I’d let him I was a bit surprised but was willing to try it I gasped as he took my tip in his mouth this was great he new just were to put his tongue he was better than some girls I’ve had we swapped positions I was fucking her hard slamming in and out she seemed to like it the harder I slammed in to her it wasn’t much longer and I was ready to cum I didn’t know where to blow my load in her on her it was coming fast I pulled out and they both told me to do it in her I shot it on her cunt lips and had a few more thrusts in her James took over as Pam sucked me hard again my cock was pretty tired by now because I’d been wanking all day thinking of this night Pam got me hard and James came in her it was my turn again and she got on all fours I fucked her looking at her sexy arse then I flipped her back to missionary so I could pound her like I new she wanted both mine and James’s cum mixing together as I shot mine up inside her we both sucked her tits and fondled her then me and James washed up and got dressed Pam stayed on the bed freshly fucked and cum oozing out of her she lit a cig and picker up her glass wine she look so sultry and sexy I went back in to the room and she put the cig and glass down and got a toy out of a near by cupboard I licked her as she played the taste of cum was really strong after a couple of minutes we stopped and I gave her a kiss thanked her for the lesson and told her I’d love to do it again both her and James told me this might be possible if I tell ever one about the night I was taught how to please a woman so fingers crossed I shuck James’s hand and drove home VERY satisfied I just hope Pam was to.