Written by daz

18 Feb 2010

Hi, we are Dave and Kate. Up to the point that swinging became a possibility we were very happy with our sex life. One evening, during a particularly heavy session Kate aksed, out of the blue, if I'd ever been to a sex party. This presumably came from the fact that I had more partners than she did before we met. When she first asked I dismissed it - becuase I hadn't been to such a party anyway. When she asked a second time a few weeks later I did respond, by asking if she wanted to know because she wanted to go. Kate immmediately said "Yes". We carried on talking and made plans.

We eventually made contact with a couple, Mike and Sue, who live close by and like us were interested in experimenting with swinging. We agreed to meet on a Friday afternoon at a pub about half way between where we lived. Kate really went for it, nice short skirt showing off her lovely legs and a tight top that gave her nice boobs some added impact - horny? you bet I was.

We got to the pub and didn't find it difficult to meet Mike and Sue from the decriptions we got. We sat outside and chatted and got on really well. Eventually the subjet turned to "what happens next" and without a second thought Kate said "why don't you come back wth us, so we can carry on getting to know each other" Mike and Sue agreed, and it was on the understanding that it was a getting to know you session, possibly more on the Saturday.

We followed Mike and Sue back to theirs, and while they got a few bits together we had a coffee, then set off. We arrived home about 6pm, and we were all hungry. Mike ad myself wen to get a take away while the girls chilled. We got on really well over the meal, everything was really relaxed.

We sat back down on the settees, with our own partners and the talk got more and more sexy. The lights were turned low and we put some soft music on. We danced for about half an hour, when I said to Kate "I'm really horny, I want you now". She agreed but said "what about Mike and Sue" We danced closer, and I suggested that I danced with Sue and Mike with KAte. They agreed and when we were dancing I mentioned to Sue what Kate and I needed to do! She was delighted becuase they felt the same, so the four of us went upstairs, to separate bedrooms. The sex was intense, and quick. Just as Kate and me came we heard Mike and Sue reachingtheir orgasms.

Instead of dressing Kate and I threw on a bath robe, and as we passed Mike and Sue's room we told them what we were wearimg, and the fact that we were going back to finish our drinks off. In a couple of minutes they joined us, Mike with a very obvious stiffy up his bath robe and Sue showing a lovely pair of legs. We drankand danced some more, when Kate whispered to me that she was now even more turned on, and wanted sex again. This time it was my turn to ask aboutMike and Sue. Kate immediately replied "ask them to join us" We change dance partners again, and I put the proposal to Sue. She was up for it immediately and all four of us went upastairs for the secons time. Because we were only wearing bath robes they were quickly off and all four of us were enjoying amazing sex with our partners in the same bed. We all seemed to come at the same time, and then without saying much all put the robes back on and went downstairs for another drink. We talked about the events, and we all found it amazing that none of us had seen anything of the other couple, we were all engrossed in our own partners.

Mike came up with a solution, suggesting that we went back upstairs in the same bedroom but this time we would be on the bottom and the girls on top. Recovery was complete, we were all up for it and in bed and having sex within seconds. The view was amazing. As kate rode up and down on me I was watching Sue do the same to Mike. I could see both girls, bothwith fit bodies, riding both of us. We were so tunred on it didn't last long and we all collapsed in a heap before once again robing up and going for a recovery drink.

Downstairs the dancing was becoming more passionate, particularly when we changed partners, but we were respecting the idea tha this was a "getting to know you night!"

It was a really horny experience, and after awhile I heard myself say out loud "Same again" and we all headed for the bedroom where Sue quickly sat astride Mike and Kate straddled me. As I looked at the two gorgeous females that were above me I said "mind if I do something" and then sat up. While I was inside KAte I leaned across and caressed Sue's breasts while giving her a wonderful french kiss. When We stopped Mike needed no second thoughts, he did the same to KAte. We then started rhythmically having sex. Without warning everything stopped and Sue said "I think we need to swap places" Kate and Suee lifted up and changed sides of the bed, then Sue slipped on to me and KAte on to Mike. The sensation was amazing, Havingsex with someone else was terrific, but watching your wife riding someone else at the same time was mid blowing. As this was not the first time that evening it did take us longer to cum, but we all managed to climax at the same time. This time we collapsed for a little longer. Mike broke the silence when he said he did now need a drink to recover.

The music was still playing downstairs, and it became obvious that we would not e with our own partners for the rest of the night (or what was left of it)

Sue and I were in the middle of a particularly long and passionate French kiss when we both slipped the robes off each other. Dancing naked was the text turn on. We looked over to Mike and KAte and saw that they had followed our lead. We danced and touched and explored bodies for ages. Mike need the toilet and that left me with the two girls, what a turn on. Realising how erotic it was we took it in turns to visit the loo!

The atosphere was superb, and when I suggested that Sue and I were going to use the spare room and we would see Mike and KAte in the morning we all nodded, gave our own partners and goos french kiss and finger job before going to bed for even more great sex.

What a night, and the swinging on the Saturday was yet to come