Written by Wife

29 Dec 2012

Christmas 2012

This has just happened ! I have had a fantastic night of hot passionet, fullfilling and repeat sex with a well endowed man in the marital bed while my husband who was dressed in black stockings, suspender belt and black panties watched and masturbated in to his panties.

My husband is a lovely man but his erection is only about four and a half inches and he cums very quickly or cannot maintain his erection also he has little stamina and has known he cannot satisfy me for a long time.I did not want to cheat behind his back so we discussed what to do !

It was a joint decision that we should try cuckolding and find a man to invite home to give me the sex life i deserved, but with my husbands full knowledge and acceptance.

After selecting and corresponding with a suitable man on line I insisted my husband telephone him to explain what we wanted and to arrange for him to visit.My husband did find it humbling explaining to this man how he could not satisfy me and for him to come over and give me the sex i needed.

We went shopping and selected special very sex lingerie for the date stockings, suspender belt, matching panties and push-up bra, I had my hair and nails done and looked very sexy. It was my idea for husband to dress in my old underware to keep him feeling humble for the actual date.

The man arrived and was very masculine and attractive, after the small talk we went upstairs were husband sat in the corner and to cut a long story short i removed my lovers boxers to reveal a lovely erect penis of about seven inches (making hubbys look like a boys) Taking it in my mouth i gave him a fantastic blow job while glancing at hubby who was masturbating, I felt him tensing but kept sucking until he released a torrent of hot spurts of semen in to my mouth i swallowed it all 'lovely' hubby had soiled his panties.

While he recovered my new man spent a long time pleasuring me with his tongue,fingers and sex toys i had two strong orgasms. After he had recovered his erection he then inserted his huge penis into my willing hole , he had stamina , i had another orgasm until he filled me with his seed. meanwhile husband had cum again in his panties.

My new man took me doggie style next making me orgasm again , we had sex again later and this time i asked husband to clean me up which he dutifuly did . I could see husbands panties were soaking with his own semem, after the man had left my husband actually made love to me cumming very quickly but seemed content.

I have decided we should repeat this again as i have never felt so sexually satisfied

and my husband agrees as he likes to keep me a happy wife.

I reccomend you try this if it could help you get sexual satisfaction.