25 Oct 2016

My first time with a couple on the beach was back in 2000, I was on holiday with my then wife on Fuertaventura, we were staying in El Clotilo at the North West corner of the island. We both enjoyed the freedom of going naked on the beach and watching other couples around us. To the south the village was what is known as "big beach" and was a popular spot for swimmers surfers and kite surfers.

My wife liked reading her holiday books while soaking up the sun, where as I preferred to walk about to avoid getting sunburn. We were set up about 500 yards from the end of the beach, an area used by the surfers. The last 100 yards being almost a separate beach hidden beyond a low ridge of rocks.

It was towards the end of the afternoon and most people were leaving the beach, my wife wanted to finish her book so I took a last walk to the end of the beach. As I followed the path over the rocks I came down onto the last bit of beach and there about 10 feet away hidden from the rest of the beach was a couple, two surfboards, wet suites, the couple who I would say were in there 40s were stretched out on a large towel. They were 69ing, her dark wet hair towards me bobbing up and down sucking on his cock, her tanned bottom in the air with his arms wrapped around her waist as he sucked away on her pussy. They both looked fit with all over deep tans.

I walked past slowly, watching and getting turned on by the sexy sight. She stopped sucking for a few seconds as she became aware of me, she looked up at me and smiled before swallowing his cock again. Her eyes followed me as I walked past. I carried on to the end of the beach and sat for a while wanking my now stiff cock, I was very turned on watching them. By now she had moved around and was sitting riding his cock.

I decided it was time to head back, I was by now very turned on and my stiff cock bounced as i walked slowly. As I got closer I could see they were both watching me, she was smiling. She said something to me in German and then said "come I suck" with one free hand waving me closer. I stood beside her and she reached out for my cock waking me before she started to suck strongly on my now dripping nob. It was fantastic here I was on a beach having my cock sucked by a sexy German lady who was riding her partner, I looked around and there was no one in sight. As she sucked my stiff cock she was playing with my balls and stroking my ass crack...slipping a probing finger inside me, wow that was new.

After a few min it was clear the guy was coming bouncing, groaning shouting out in German as he filled her up. She still sucked my cock for about 30 sec then said "now we fuck" I was amazed she pulled me down to lie on the towel and then with a slurping sound got up from his cock and straddled me. I looked down as she held my cock under her wet dripping hole, beyond my feet I could see him watching as she slid down on to me. OMG she was wet, her bald pussy lips spreading over me as she moved up and down, her firm tits in my face as I sucked her nipples. I knew I wouldn't last long and she was clearly working up to a finish. After probably no more than two min she started to come, her pussy pulsing and gripping me as I to came deep inside her. She lay hot and wet on top of me for a few moments and then slid off. As I sat up she said something again in German and then said "thank you".

I got up and walked down to the sea to have a swim and a wash before I headed back to my unsuspecting wife, as I looked back at them they were again 69ing, she smiled and waved as I walked back over the rocks.

Later that week I saw them again on the beach, this time it was them walking past my wife and I. They stopped and he chatted, his english turned out to be pretty good. Were we enjoying the beach??? how long were we here for??? Then he asked if we or I would like to join them again for some wet sex in the sun??? The look on my wives face was amazing......

But as they say ... thats another story