Written by Sapjap88

22 Jun 2017

so Friday came around as it does every week and my friend Sophie and her older boyfriend Barry invited me round to there house for the weekend my then boyfriend (now husband) was working away and they didn't want me to be alone so I agreed as I thought it's always better to be in good company than alone I arrived and the drinks started flowing one after the other I noticed from across the room barry kept looking me in a rather flirtatious way so I smiled back thinking nothing of it later that night I decided to call it a night and go up to my room and take a shower as I did every night when there was a knock on the door as I shouted one moment sophie shouts it's only me you left your phone down stairs so I opened the door and let her in quickly jumping back in the shower she stood back inside the bathroom closing the door and proceeded to talk about how drunk we all was and how she was a little upset as barry had been flirting with me all night I pretended like I didn't know what she was on about and said I hope it didn't make her uncomfortable and she said I anything it really turned her on and she was really horny at the thought of him wanting me but not able to have me I just laughed it off but as I turned to step out of the shower sophie stood there naked holding a towel out for me all I remember thinking is wow she has such an incredible body her tits was perky and she was cleanly shaven she leaned over to me and passed me the towel her fingers brushed against my nipples making them harder than they'd ever been I felt my self getting wetter by the second she turned and left the bathroom going downstairs I stood there thinking about what had happened and why I was so horny I'd never even thought of anything like this before I heard someone shout my name from the bottom of the stairs it was barry he asked me to come down for a chat I walked down in just my towel to find them both sitting there naked his cock was so hard and you could see from her glistening pussy she was wet I sat down beside them and they started to fondle my breasts both stoking my nipples making me wet again they asked if I wanted them to stop I said no and with that sophie ran her hands down my body and slipped her fingers into my already soaking wet pussy barry pushes sophie out of the way and thrusts his hard cock deep inside my pussy and I let out a loud moan sophies grabs my hand and leads me to her soaking pussy and I push my fingers in side her and wow did it feel great before I know it sophie Is on all fours and barry is fucking her from behind whilst she buries her face in my pussy licking my clit I feel my self building up to and orgasm and moaned so loudly barry looked at me a smiled and asked if I enjoyed that then it was my turn to be on all fours whilst barry thrusted his cock deep inside me sophie pushed me head towards her pussy and I licked every inch of it making her orgasam I could feel her getting wetter and wetter which made me go faster until she eventually came with that barry started to moan and then I felt his hot spunk running down my arse with that we all collapsed on to the floor in a heap and then went our separate ways until later that night barry snuck in to my room and begged to fuck me again of course I said yes and it was amazing best night i'd ever had