Written by ATL

22 Jan 2018

I am a 45 year old married woman and last week for the first time in my life I was chatted up by another woman, or to be more accurate a young woman, 23 to be exact. I have written stories on here before, I travel a lot and lead a double life, at home I’m the dotting wife and mother but when I’m away I have my fuck buddies and usually had sex whenever I’m away with one of my ‘friends’ but last week I was in Glasgow on business. I went for a walk and ended up in a rather seedy pub more by accident than panned when a young woman sits next to me and starts talking. She tells me that I shouldn’t be in my own and that she will keep me company. Well, within 20 min I had her life story and she had some of mine.

She was pretty and petit and there was something infectious about the way she made you laugh and feel at ease even if you had just met her. But I had work the next day and so decided to make a move back to the hotel. She asked me where I was staying and although I don’t usually tell strangers what hotel I was staying in for some reason I made an exception with her. She said it was a great hotel and was on her way home so would walk me there. She was so funny in the way that she only heard yes and never no. We walked to the hotel arm in arm as though we were long-time friends instead of someone I had just met. It was dark and started drizzling and I was keen to get to my room but we stopped in a closed shop doorway to wait for the rain to ease. It was chilly and she unbuttoned my coat and put her hands round my waist to keep warm.

I remember thinking how ridiculous this all was, I am 45 and away on business and this kid had just befriended me and is now hugging me in a doorway in Glasgow, but it seemed comforting at the same time, reminded me of when I was her age and out with my friends.

She looked up at me and asked me if I thought she was pretty. I said she was then she asked politely if she could kiss me. At first I was shocked but then I said that I didn’t kiss women like that. She said ‘do you mean like this’ and put her lips on mine. I didn’t respond at first and she pulled back and looked at me, then she kissed me again, I felt her tongue flicker against my lips and for I have no reason why I did what I did but I opened my mouth and let her tongue in.

The last time I kissed someone as passionately as that was two weeks ago with one of my ‘FB’ friends but I had never kissed another woman like that. After a few minutes of that she took my hand and pulled me out of the doorway, I asked her where we were going and she said ‘its warmer in the hotel’. We arrived and I said that what happened in the doorway was nice but I’m not a lesbian so I don’t want her to expect anything else.

She smiled and walked to the lift. We entered and she asked me what floor. I just pressed the button. She asked if she could see my room, I told her he could have a look seeing as she was here.

I opened my door and she walked in took one look and turned around, we kissed again, tongues exploring each other’s mouth and face. My coat was pulled off and then she dropped hers and pulled her top off. Now I’m a 45-year-old married woman standing in a hotel room with a young topless woman. Her breasts are small and her nipples hard and we just stand there and look at each other. I said again that I wasn’t a lesbian and that this wasn’t right but she just slowly unbuttoned my blouse. I put my hand on hers, she pouted and told me not to be horrible. I let her hands go and she finished undoing the buttons on my blouse. She opened it and looked at my much larger and softer breasts, then she pulls my bra off my shoulders and down to my waist. I’ now thinking about how I’m a 45 year old woman topless with a topless your lady in a hotel room and how my breasts are bigger and softer and hand lower that hers. She lifts my breast up and puts my nipple in her mouth. She’s so gentle, I decided that this was ridiculous but that there was no harm and that I was going to enjoy the moment then she could go.

But it didn’t work out like that. When I closed my eyes she was rolling her tongue round my hard nipple but when I opened them she had pulled her jeans off and was naked. As silly as its sounds, it was more a surprise at how I hadn’t felt her do it than the fact she was naked.

I started to tell her that it should stop but her mouth covered mine and our tongues explored each other again whilst her hands explored my body. I pulled back and reminded her that I wasn’t a lesbian, she simply said ‘ but I want to fuck, can we fuck, please’ then ‘lest fuck, lets fuck’. And as she repeated herself my skirt and knickers fell to the floor and now I was a 45year old married mother naked in a hotel room with a naked 23-year-old young woman who was begging me for sex.

I lay on my back and for the first time had a woman between my legs, her tongue exploring my pussy and before long, mine exploring hers. Our fingers inside each other, her breast in my mouth and mine in hers and then our pussies rubbing against each other. It was the best sex I had had in a very long time. She made me cum before I lay with her head on my chest. We talked, fucked and talked some more before fucking again. We fucked 4 times before deciding I had to sleep and she made me cum each time. Then we fucked before breakfast which I made her have. Then she left.

I doubt I will see her again but now I am looking for a woman to join my list of fuck buddies. A woman knows what a woman wants and cocks are fine but a soft wet pussy is a nice change.