Written by HereDoggy

24 Aug 2018

My first story, I've been wanting to write it for a while but I'm not the best at being descriptive. Here goes..

Last year I was seeing a recently divorced man, Andrew, who had been married for many years. He told me that he had played around with men in his younger years. That really turned me on, I love to watch gay porn. He struggled to cum with a partner, an after effect of a toxic relationship apparently but he was excellent at oral sex, was well endowed, stayed hard for hours and had a fair bit of stamina for an older guy. He had such a thick, smooth perfect cock that I would have so many orgasms from him using his tongue, or fucking me from behind, holding my breasts, while I used my fingers to work my clit. I knew he could cum alone as he'd sent me videos. I'd spend hours licking and sucking his cock. He said he enjoyed it a lot, but still, I never got to taste that elusive cum.

We spoke about how it would go if another man joined us whilst he was fucking me, how he would love to lick another mans cum out of my dripping pussy, and also have some sexual contact if the other guy would allow it. A few months after meeting, we agreed that I would try and arrange something.

I remembered that I had met a man previously on a date one time, Joe was a little arrogant and nothing except a kiss had happened in person but there had been a fair few sexting messages where he revealed that he, like Andrew, liked the idea of experimenting with cock. He had told me that when he was a teenager, he and a friend had mutually sucked each other's cocks.

I contacted Joe and asked him if he fancied meeting with me and he agreed. I didn't tell him about Andrew at first. Just said let's go for a drink and have a catch up.

The initial idea was for me to chat to him and find out if he would be up for something with Andrew and I, however, once the alcohol and horniness kicked in, things went a lot quicker than expected..