Written by jake

16 Sep 2008

I am Jake Sallys partner and she has persuaded me to tell of my first sexual experience. I was brought up in a small northern town and Rob was my best mate from primary school all the way till we left to get apprenticeships in a engineering works. Robs Mum was the person wet dreams are made of tiny but great tits and ass and long reddy blond hair sex on legs many a teenage boy has had a wank thinking what they would do to her. I even overheard my Dad tell his mate what he would like to give her a good ride. Rob had to baby sit his little brother while his Mum & Dad went to a dance I kept him company and slept over. I was woken by anoise a pushed the door open slightly to see the pair of them come up stairs her with her blouse undone him with no shirt and unfastened trousers there hands all over each other they went into there bedroom and i wanked of to the sound of them fucking each other. When it went quiet I got up and went to the kitchen for a drink I didnt put on the light and I was standing drinking when the kitchen door opened and she walked in dressed in a white petticoat her lovely tits straining to get out. seeing me standing there she said sorry I thought I was alone of course I couldnt take my eyes of her tits one of which was exposed now because the strap had fallen down unnoticed by her. I could feel myself geting hard so spare my blushes I tried to get past her whats you hurry I`ll make us tea she said and turned on the light to the sight of me with a bulge in my pajamas. She laughed you dirty little sod you were listening to us. Trying to rush by her I brushed against her and found her hand reaching out to my cock, it is pity to let that go to waste and I still feel like a good ride I didnt get much from him he was to drunk to give me satisfaction.Pulling down my pajamas I felt her hands start to wank me, I slipped her petticoat all the way of her tits down her hips and my hands esxplored her body as she slowly wanked me little groans escaped her as I brushed the hair on her pussy she parted her legs and I rubbed till I felt the wetness start. We went into the living room and we lay on thecarpet as she guided me into her very wet pussy ride me hard she said very hard I tried to oblige but not very well as I had no experience. She rolled me over on to my back straddled me and rode me he tits bouncing in my face it didn`t take long for me to come.gasping as I felt my hot spunk flow into her she still bouncing as she finally came.She stood up my spunk trickiling down her leg and left me to clean myself up. I left the house very early in the morning not wanting to face anyone but my first fuck is a wonderfull memory. Sally has just read this and is very excited I will finish the story tomorrow because my cock is in her mouth and i can not concentrate