Written by Skilly

9 Jun 2009

It\'s happened, I had to go down to Watford on business and decided that now was the time to have my 1st Bi experience.I checked SH and found a guy who was near by tto the hotel I was staying at. Anyway the drive down was a bit slow and I wondered if the guy would still visit. I called him and told him what time and that when i got to the hotel I\'d call and give him my room number.

Arrived at the hotel made the call and left the door on the latch. In came Mike and I only had my T shirt on. By the time I came back from the loo ,Mike was naked and sitting on the end of the bed. He knew it was my 1st time and asked what I would like, I moved forward and he took hold of my cock, I was really hard, he then put my cock in his mouth and gave me the best BJ I\'ve had. We lay on the bed and I held his cock and then i went down and sucked him. It felt good. Anyway Mike went down again on me and I wanked myself and told him I was going to cum, he took my load in his mouth, wonderful. THanks Mike for my first male BJ it was great. I think a may do it again.