Written by abc

23 Apr 2011

We used to go on caravan trips around the country on week ends, we nearly always had one of our friends join us, we would drive to a camp site, set up the van, off to the pub. drink most of the evening, fish and chips then back to the van and bed.

Just a great week end away with no ulterior motives.

In those days, the 70's we spiced up our love life by reading Hustler, I would always suggest to her that she ought to shag another fella, just like the stories it could make out love life even better. Plus I wanted sloppy seconds. She never said yes or no, she would just be really turned on when I was inside her.

Anyway back to the caravan trip, normal week end, park the van, off to the pub etc , this time we all got a bit more tipsy than normal, through the evening I suggested to her that she ought to let John fuck her, she just smiled but didn't say no. John didn't have a clue. We left the pub and made our way back to the van, when we were nearly there I said I needed to have a walk to sober up a bit. John and Margaret climbed into the van and I walked off, I didn't know if anything was going to happen.

I waited around 10 to 15 minutes with a huge hard on just thinking about what was happening, then I saw the light in John's small cabin section go off.

I sneeked up to the van and looked in through a chink, Margaret was in bed on her own, lying on her side. Oh well nothing happened.

I climbed into the van and was so excited with just the thought of what could have happened that I didn't say anything just kissed her hard and started to feel her tits, she pulled away and whispered, Your kssing me where his cock was five minutes ago, as she said it she took my hand and pushed it between her legs, she was soaking,

She said it was real easy, the van was small, they were tipsy, as they passed in the van she grabbed his crotch, he responded immediately by kissing her and feeling her tits, she said they had to be quick, she took his cock out and started sucking it.

He lifted her up, laid her half on the bed and pulled her knickers off, spread her legs and fucked her, he shot his load immediately, then he got up and went to his room. I was feeling her like crazy pushing my fingers into that tight little wet hole, I opened her legs and had a look her lips were red and puffy, spunk was dribbling out of her onto the bed, I coouldn't hold back I just shagged her, it was hot and silky like nothing i would have imagined, I loved it, I lasted about 20 seconds before I shot my load into her.

We went on to have a longer shag that night, she sucked me off, it didn't take long to get it up again. but we had to be quiet. When John found out that he had been set up we started to have regular threesomes. including a DP at one time.

The memory of the first slopy seconds is with me to this day