Written by 1st time

27 Jun 2011

Me and my partner are in our thirties & have on many an occasion talked about how we would like to swing.

I decided to tale this 1 step further a few weeks ago and went out and bought a web cam. I told Pam about this later on that evening, to which the reply I got was I don't want to do that.

A few weeks passed when we had been out for several drinks with friends. When we got home to my surprise she said she wanted to try the cam. Are you sure I said, to which she replied she would try it but wasn't going to show too much. Bra was definately staying on.

Anyway we got chatting to a guy who said he fancied her. She seemed to be enjoying herself. I went to get us some drinks whilst she was sat just in her bra. There was no wine in the fridge, so I had to go out to the garage. When I returned She was sat there in nothing more that her thong. I said whats happening as i looked at the screen I could see that the guy she was chatting to was naked pleasuring himself.

I couldn't hold off and just had to play with her breasts. Her nipples were stiffer than I have ever seen.

We then carried on the night on our own and had the best session we have ever had in years.

I was thinking the next morning that she might regret it, but she was more than eager to try it again.

Looking forward to next time.