Written by pinboy

14 Jul 2014

I have just got back from a walk in Haldon woods nr Exeter. Well it started as a walk with hopes of more. As I got deeper into the woods I got to the clearing where their is usually some action. There was no one there so I dropped my shorts and begsn to play with my small cock. I had just got into a rhythm when I heard someone coming. A guy about my age sixty plus came into view we exchanged the usual pleasantries and then he asked if he could help well what does one do I asked him to drop his trousers and wow he had a nice uncut shaven cock a little bigger than mine (not hard) I took hold of his and stroked it to full erection all the time he was playing with me he then bent down and took me in his mouth sucking it all in then out all the time rimming my arse with his finger. he asked if he could put his finger inside me and I said if you have any lube as I have a virgin hole. He did have lube and rubbed this into me pushing first one finger then another it hurt at first but soon got used to it. By this time we were naked from the waist down me stroking and sucking him he fingering me while I bent over. He asked if he could be the first to fuck me and although I was a little nervous I agreed as long as he had a condom He turned me round and bent me over a branch then I felt him slowly pushing at my hole he slowly eased it in to me held there for a couple of mins then withdrew slowly at first then picking up the pace wow it felt good after a few minutes I felt his cock jerk as he shot his load into me. After he pulled out he asked if I wanted to cum what do you think he wanked me until I came all over his cock and balls. As we recovered we could see we had drawn a crowd and a couple at the edge of the clearing were wanking each other. A first but something I want to repeat also to have my first fuck of someones arse.