Written by m

5 Apr 2013

I have posted on here in the past on various occasions and all events have been 100% true, including our latest encounter. We have never been hardened swingers in the sense, we don't advertise and arrange meets as planned events usually end up been a let down. We prefer to live with an open mind and see what genuine opportunities come our way. This is more of a turn on for us and I can honesty say we have had some amazing encounters. For whatever reasons opportunities have become less regular of late and we both agreed things needed spicing up. So we decided to put ourselves out there and try something new, a swingers club. After looking through the internet at various clubs and reading reviews we picked a club which looked nice, had great reviews and wasn't too far from Leeds where we live. We decided to nip over the boarder into neighbouring Lancashire the following Friday.

My wife R is a size 16, with large DD breasts. She spent most of the late afternoon on the Friday getting ready. Shaving legs, her fanny. Doing her hair, make up etc She wore a black lace bodysuit which had a thong back and poppers between her legs. Black lacetop holdups, heels and a black dress. She looked stunning. We got in the car and set off on the hour drive into Lancashire. Once we arrived outside the club she applied a top coat of lippy and climbed out the car, giving me a glimpse of her stocking tops. R admitted she was very nervous. We had played with others before but never in a club environment with many people watching or wanting to join in etc. I clarified No means No and she didn't have to do anything she didn't want. She smiled and we went in.

We was greeted by a lovely friendly women at a desk, paid our entrance fee and we were shown around the club. It wasn't really busy but there was a few couples and about 6 single males stood at the bar. A couple of couples were playing in a playroom. We went to the bar and got some drinks. Everyone seemed friendly and we chatted to a couple and 2 single males. At 10.30pm everyone went off to the locker room and people started wondering out in their undies. We were informed it was dress down from 10.30pm. So we too headed to the locker room to undress. We were soon stood back at the bar in just our undies. R looked stunning and was getting plenty of attention from the males.

We decided to have a wonder around the playrooms to see what was occurring. We went into a large playroom at the end of a small corridor. There were couple fucking on a large bed and 4 single males watching. We stood and watched a couple going at it, then a man joined in and we watched as a threesome developed in front of us.

I started to rub R's bum and she was rubbing my cock through my undies. I was hard and she took my cock out and started to wank me. I pushed her down on the bed and started kissing her. Feeling her breasts and fanny through her bodysuit. Her holdups felt so smooth as I rubbed her legs. I took her tits out and sucked on her hard nipples. She let out a deep moan. I went down on her and popped open the gusset on her body and started to lick her. She was soaking and tasted good. I started to finger her as I was licking her. 2 men were stood watching and this clearly worked for R as she was very turned on. I was licking and fingering faster, until she came with a groan and a shudder. I kept licking her. I felt her move position slightly and when I looked up she was sucking on a man's cock. I kept licking her as she sucked him. I couldn't wait much longer so I knelt up. Put a condom on and entered her. She was so wet so took me first time. I fucked her hard and fast as she sucked this strangers cock. She turned and got on all fours. I entered her again and fucked her doggie, hard and fast. She carried on sucking this man's cock. I was pounding into her and I could see her head going as she sucked him. I couldn't hold back any longer and I emptied my cock into the condom. Just as I did the man came too. He gripped R's hair and emptied his load into her mouth. She swallowed but some ended up on her tits. I was really surprised she'd swallowed.

A second man was watching and wanking a large cock, R rolled back on her back and turned as if to offer herself to him. He took it and an invitation. He got between her legs, put on a condom and eased himself in her. For the next 15 minutes I watched as she came numerous times while this man fucked her hard. He came with a groan then pulled out. The man she had sucked off initially was hard again, he didn't need an invite and he got between her legs. He entered her and fucked her too. She came again a couple of times in the 20 minutes he fucked her. He came with a groan. Pulled put and left back into the bar area. R was left in a heap. Very wet and tired. She stood up and went to the ladies. Sorted herself out, fastened her poppers and we went back to the bar for drinks. I expected R to want to go after she'd had a drink but she suggested we go have one last look around before leaving. So shortly later we entered the large playroom for the second time.

We started touching each other and we were soon again on the large bed. Surrounded by couples engaged, sucking, fucking etc.

We were joined by a male who's wife was having a threesome with another couple. I was fucking R as she was sucking this man. After I came I laid and watched R as she told the man to lay down. She sat over him and fed his cock into her as she sat on him. She rode him hard and fast. He had pulled her tits free and he was squeezing her tits and sucking her nipples. She came a couple of times. The man let out a very large groan as he came. They laid kissing for a while until his cock softened and fell out of her. Few mins later he thanked us and rejoined his wife.

We sorted ourselves out. Went to locker room to dress. We left the club a few minutes later. To date the best experience we've had.

Will be visiting again very soon.