Written by jake8inches_uk

4 Feb 2007

hi i went to a sauna club yesterday for the first time. i have had a few encouters before but the been quick and by chance . But i felt ready now . i was horny as i went up m6 and after first missing the turn of i found the place. it was a massive house in a industrial estate. I was rather nervous as i enterd . An older man in his 60ish (I am 33) welcomed me asked me if it was my first time. I stutterd a yes. Hi smile and told me i would enjoy my self and described the layout of the place. i got my looker . i noticed how a man watched as i got change .he was mid 50 looked nice. He asked what i liked this place i told him it was my first time. it felt nice i was a sex object so i slowly undressed last took of my ring and watch. when i was naked i had a hard on so i decided to go to the wet area.we i opend the door i could not but stare i was a threesome in the jacussi.one of then, a man in his mid fithis lookes at me , winked care to join us . i was schooked. but my dick responded for me so i said why not. i went in the warm water and imiditly felt his hand on my dick , the other two men stoped and introduced them self . john was the guy that asked me, the other two was niel and steve, we sat there chatting the four of us. i had one had around john dick it was nick aboy 6 inches and one on niels leg . suddely steve started to suck neil. it looked funny his head keept bobbing up and down .john turned arround and kissed me told me to suck him , did not know what do. but i looked me in to the eyes and squeed my nipple and told me do it now! i squeeld and said yes sir. it was a strange sensation, he filled my mouth the water around me. i did not want to stop but i need air. he looked me in my eyes and said down again. i wanted it so bad so i went down agian . when i came up he said you are a good slut i cant wait to fuck u ass. i feelt my bum twich and said i never been fucked . he pulled me close and kissed me then said dont you worry about that i will teach you. now suck me to i cum. i went down again and now i could feel the precum of him. after to more breath of air he cum in my mouth .

when i got up i realise that neil had cum to. neil said toto me no kiss steve slave and i did. after that john said let go upstairs to the play room. to be countiued.