Written by DaznKat

23 Jun 2016

Following on from "First time back"

Later that night………..

Kats pussy was still throbbing from the fucking she had just received. Being so tight it always took her a while to ‘cool down’ after having a hard cock inside her. We stayed at the bar, having a drink and making small talk with a nice friendly couple. Kats hand kept drifting down to stroke my cock through my trousers as a stood next to her. While we chatted, I noticed Kat kept looking around behind me, scanning the club. I leant forward to whisper to her..

“What, or who are you looking for?”

“I’m just checking that guy is still here” she replied, “I want to have a feel of his cock, see what he has”.

We decided to leave the couple at the bar and take a walk around the club to see if he was still free or ‘otherwise engaged’ so to speak. As we walked around, we passed the small glory hole corner. A woman was strapped into wrist restraints and had hands poking through the numerous holes, groping her as a guy sucked on her tits, fucking her.

“Fuck I’d love that” Kat whispered, As she bit her lip and stared at what was happening. My mind started to develop a plan.

We continued to walk around, still not having seen the guy she had kissed earlier. There were couples dotted around in corners, fucking or sucking in various positions. Then I saw him, he was standing in a corner watching as two women were going at it with each other. They were oblivious to his presence as they suck on each other’s tits, fingering each other. He glanced up and caught my eye but Kat had not yet noticed him. I nodded an acknowledgement that I’d seen him and made a small gesture to him towards the restraints area. He knew what I intended and moved towards the dark area behind the restraints. This area was divided into two. On one side a door, as you went through into a dark room, there was a wall with holes cut out in various positions. Some at head height, some around mid-chest level and the others at cock level. The room was dark enough that if someone were to look into the holes they still wouldn’t be able to see who was in there, just dark figures.

The guy walked through into the room, probably wondering if he’d gone into the right place. Then he saw us, I led Kat by the hand into the adjoining room. This room was small with a light, a dim one but still giving enough light out that the person in the next room could see who was in there. On one side of the room was a mirror that took up the entire wall and opposite that was the wall with all the cut outs. From the ceiling and against the hole wall hung some wrist restraints on chains, the restraints in soft leather. I pushed Kat back against the wall and kissed her, my tongue down the back of her throat. As I kissed her I held her hands and gradually moved them above her head. She was so wrapped up in the passion of our kiss that she had no yet realised my intentions. I held both hands above her head with one hand, with my other I reached between her legs. She was soaking wet, her juice was running down the inside of her legs. I reached back up and found the restraints, while still holding her hands with my other hand I managed to get the restraints around her wrists, fastening them tight so she could not escape. Kat stopped and looked up, pulling on the restraints. She looked at me with the sexiest look I’d ever seen from her. Her hair messed up and across her face, her mouth open, teeth bared…

“You better fuck me now” she growled “get that cock out and fuck me hard”

I kissed her deep again, then whispered in her ear..


I stepped back, still facing her, to the other side. Standing just a few feet in front of her, with my back to the wall, I smiled at her.

“Get back her and fuck me” she shouted. Trying to reach me with one of her legs.

“No” I said, smiling and shaking my head. I wanted her to be on edge, straining to get to me. Once she started frantically pulling at the restraints, I looked past her into the holes. I couldn’t see the guy, but I nodded, hoping he was there. I didn’t have to wait long as a hand reached through one of the holes and found its way to one of her tits. This took Kat by surprised…

“what the fuck???”

She stared deep into my eyes as the mystery hand pinched and pulled at her rock hard nipples. Squeezing her tit as his other hand appeared between her legs, forcing them open.

“Oh God, who is this???” she begged me

“I have no idea” I replied “but I think he should see if he can get you off”

“If he can make me cum, I’ll do fucking anything he wants” she said. Shocking even me.

He certainly heard her, as his hand found its way to her pussy. Gently rubbing his hand along her swollen lips, coating his fingers in her juice. He played with her. Flicking at her clit before continuing to rub along the outside. She wanted him inside her so bad, moving her hips to try to get him inside. Still standing opposite watching this show, I could see she was hungry to cum, her body always showed what she wanted, she could never hide it. She stared at me still, licking her lips as he worked at her. I leant forward and kissed her, this time gently…

“Tell him you want him, tell him you need to feel his fingers inside you”

She turned her head and through the hole..

“Please, I need your fingers inside me, please make me cum”

He duly obliged, one finger pushed inside. Kat gasped as she felt him push inside. At first gently, then quickening his pace. I could tell he’d found her spot, the one place deep inside her that drives her wild. Her body tensed as he fingered her, his other hand still pulling at her tits, moving from one to the other. The contrast of his hands against her dark skin, her body sweating and straining as she rode his hand. Her head was thrown back, her neck pulsing as she bit into her lip. I knew he had her, she was about to let go. He could sense her on the edge, even with just finger inside her, Kat was so tight and especially so as she was about to come. Her pussy would tighten and pulse, trying to pull his fingers further in. Then, just as she was about to cum, he pushed a second finger into her forcing his way in. This sent her climax crashing over her, wave after wave as she tensed and pulled hard at the restraints still holding her.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuucckkkk” she cried “Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes”

He continued to finger her as her climax gradually subsided, easing her down until she opened her eyes and looked at me. I held her gaze as her mind registered what had just happened to her, her pussy throbbing yet needing more. She was hungry, I recognised that look on her face, she needed to be fucked.

“Did you mean it when you said you’d do anything?” I whispered

“Fuck yeah, anything” she replied.

I called the guy from the holes round to our side, letting him through the door. Kat was still suspended by her wrists as he walked in. Neither of them sure what would happen next. I beckoned him to stand next to me.

“She’ll do anything, what do you want to do with her”

The guy said nothing, just stared at the sight before him. Kat’s dress was wide open, exposing her gorgeous slim, dark body. Her stiff nipples, aching to be sucked and her perfectly shaven pussy just waiting to be touched again. Kat stared back at him, aching for him. Sweating and standing there with her arms above her head, she was open now.

“She was tight, I need to feel that on my cock” he said

He went toward Kat, unzipping his fly as he moved. Bending his head he took a nipple into his mouth, she gasped as he sucked hard, biting on it and pulling until it sprang back out of his mouth. She loved that, drove her crazy. He worked his way up her neck, licking, kissing before reaching her mouth. She eagerly latched onto him, devouring his tongue, biting his lip. She raised herself off the ground using the restraints and wrapped her legs around him, pulling him close, still kissing him hard and deep. He reached around under her, feeling for his cock. First he pushed the tip to her pussy, gently nudging, she moaned as he rubbed it along the length of her opening. She could feel him gradually work his way in, he was big.

“Stop, stop” she cried “it’s big, just take your time”

He wasn’t put off, he continued to push slowly into her.

“Fuck it’s big” she moaned.

I moved around so I could see what she was taking, I could see what I later found out was just half of his cock. He must have been around 9 inches and very thick. His cock was stretching her, her lips struggling to get him all inside. I could see the pain etched on her face, yet she still pulled him closer with her legs.

“Fuck me” she cried before again sinking her tongue into his mouth, hungrily kissing him. The kiss stifled her cries as he thrust his entire length deep inside her, her body tensing as she struggled against the climax that was about to take her. Again and again he plunged his huge cock into her pussy, thrusting harder every time. I reached up and released her hands from the restraints and she threw her arms around him, clinging on, grinding herself harder onto him.

“Harder, fucking harder” she shouted as he pounded into her.

Throwing her head back suddenly as a wave crashed over her, she came hard. I could imagine how tight she was around this enormous cock that was buried deep inside her.

She climbed off him, turned round to face the wall and stuck her so perfect ass towards him. I could now see his length, fuck how did she get all that inside that pussy. As she bent forward, a cock appeared through a hole right in front of her face, she happily sunk her mouth onto it. Taking it deep into her throat as the guy behind her thrust his cock into her. Almost lifting her off her feet as he pushed his entire length in so deep and hard. With each thrust he pushed her deeper onto the cock in her mouth. Kat sucked on that cock for all she was worth, until with one last thrust from the guy behind her he came. Pulling out just in time to shoot a jet of his cum over her ass and the backs of her legs. At almost the same time, the cock in her mouth exploded. She hungrily swallowed what she could as some came running out of her mouth and down her chin. She sucked more to get every drop as the guy in the hole gradually went limp.

Kat dropped to her knees, exhausted. I helped her to her feet as she looked around the room to see the guy had gone.

“Fuck that was amazing, he was fucking big but I managed it. Fuck”

“Don’t worry babe, I got his number”