Written by jagman1

12 Jan 2010

I first got to know john as i will call him in stourbridge an older guy but polite as he is gay and me a complete novice while having a chat in a coffee shop i think he picked up on the fact i may be his next conquest so to speak,as i finished my coffee i said i had to go as i was in need of a piss so off i went to the loos at the top of the town by the ryemarket just as i unzipped john was stood next to me nice to see you again he said now in full flow as was he i could not help looking at his cock it was about 8"soft and cut i was transfixed with it and out of the blue he asked if i wanted to touch it

my hand nervously holding his cock, i slowly started to wank him it just got bigger and bigger then i bottled it and went out side and had a fag he came out and said sorry for what had happened as he put it he thought i wanted it. I did so bad to try it after a breif chat he gave me his phone number if i wanted to try again,should i ring him or not is the question to be continued.