Written by dogger

21 Aug 2009

My partner and I are very open in our relationship and want all our sexual desires to be fulfilled. He wants to see me being fucked by another man, but although the thought of it really turns me on too I think I have to build up my courage and go over a few hurdles first. We had talked about dogging and fancied giving it a go (a new experience for both of us) We went to a site which wasnt local to us, it was exciting but the nerves got the better of me (I think). He got out the car and spoke to someone who was up for it but because I stalled for so long the man decided to go. We ended up making out in the car with the interior light on, then finishing off outside. It didnt put me off going, I think I just needed some more courage.

So !! I decided on my way home from work last night that I had to do this by myself first. I pulled into a popular site. My heart was racing, my mouth dry but determined not drive off. I could see a few cars. I drove past one, he had his window down, he looked to be in his mid to late 40's, well dressed, he smiled at me as I went past so I smiled back and carried on driving. I pulled up a little past him, lowered my windows slightly but kept my engine running to see what would happen. Seconds laters (it felt like) he pulled up near me, got out his car and came straight over. OMG, is this really happening ! I opened my window to the max to show that I was approachable. He asked if I was ok, I said I had just pulled in for a breather before I headed home, he said he had done the same. Mmmm I dont think so I thought ! so I cut straight to the chase and said "you do know this is a dogging site ?" to which he replied STRAIGHT away "do you fancy it ?" I told him it was my first time and that I was apprehensive and nervous, he put his hand through my window and on my knee to reassure me (i think) and also said it was his first time too. We agreed to go for a walk. I quickly texted my partner to let him know where I was and what I was about to do just to make sure he was fine about it, the text soon came back "really, keep me posted, love you" came the reply. I switched off my engine and we went for a walk. We exchanged plesentries briefly. He soon stopped me and kissed me hard, there was no emotion attached to it, his hands wondering all over my body, down the back of my trousers, then round to my groan area. I could feel myself getting turned on and said we ought to move off the main pathway so we weren't so obviously ! we didnt go far. He kissed me again, I could feel his erect cock pushing against me, his hands all over me again. He pulled my top and bra down to expose my breast and played with my erect nipple before putting it in his mouth and sucking on it (this really for me) I felt his cock through his trousers, it didnt feel particularly big but a little wide (I suppose). He undid my trousers, but his hand down and slid his fingers up the side of my pants onto my now wet pussy poking it now and then making me want for more. He pulled my trousers and pants down to my knees and started to pleasure me with his fingers, by this time I had pulled his trousers down and was wanking him off, he kept going floppy which was disappointing but he still seemed to be enjoying it so I carried on. He turned me round so I had my back to him but carried on groping my boobs and playing with my clitorus, he bent me over to go doggy, I put my hands on the ground but because he was wasnt raising to the occasion there was no way it was going anywhere. While I was still bent over he played with me from behind, again slipping his fingers in and out of me. I stood up and faced him and said "it was impossible to do it standing up and if he wasn't going to raise to the occasion it wasnt going anywhere" he layed on the ground, I took my trouser leg off so I could straddle him with my legs wide. His cock still not playing he pulled me towards his head, I couldnt believe this guy who I had never met before was willing to lick my extremely wet pussy. He licked it hard, it felt lovely and warm, his tongue almost entering me, he put his hands on my bum so he had control, I was really enjoying every minute. I said if he didnt stop then I was about to come, he indicated it was ok, so I let him carry on, his tongue getting faster, I couldnt wait any longer, I let out a groan of satisfaction and came in his mouth. I moved back to him and it seemed that him doing me had made him come too (result !). We got up, dressed ourselves and brushed each other down. We walked back to the cars, he gave me his number just in case I wanted to do it again sometime. We then parted company and I went home feeling pleased with myself having had the courage to go and excited about what I had done. I texted my partner immediately who insisted on me giving him all the details. I hope to go again, but next time with my partner so he can watch me get fucked and join in too !! bring it on.........