Written by vampanya

27 Mar 2007

I have to tell you about our first time out dogging. My hubby and I had talked about if for some time but only this week actually got the nerve to go looking. We drove to a known site near York and was excited to see cars already there in the darkness.

We pulled up and watched out for a while, too nervous to do anything. A couple of cars drove through the lay-by and kept circling round.

After a little while we began to entertain ourselves in the dark. I rolled back my chair, pulled up my skirt and my guy began gently teasing my pussy through my sheer black thong. I began to relax but kept an eye out for anyone approaching us but still no-one. I got really turned on by the thought of being watched but it didn't look like it was going to happen unless we made it clearer thats what we wanted. I flicked on the interior light and got onto my knees, lent over the middle arm rest to give my man a blow job - my exposed arse facing my window.

Within minutes he told me someone was there, a man standing very close and he was wanking. I was so turned on i reached behind me and rubbed at my pussy then pulled my thong to a side so he could see everything. I asked for the window to be lowered and he was invited to touch.

I cant describe the feeling of having a total strangers cold hands feel all over my arse and without much hesitation fingering my wet hot pussy. I kept thinking I haven't even seen this mans face and it blew my mind.

I turned up the heat on the blow job and told my hubby to cum in my mouth. I hoped that would turn on our guest even more. Within minutes my mouth was filing with hot cum and I could hear my hubby groan as he unloaded into me. The man behind me fingered me harder and rubbed at my clit with a new vigour. I wanted to cum but it was too hard lent over the way I was so I turned back round and lay back in the seat.

I got the shock of my life to see not 1 man there but 3. 1 was wanking a huge fat cock right near the back window right near my face. I opened the back window and reached out to touch his cock - he put it straight into my hand and i began wanking him. His cock was so smooth and hard as rock. I felt it throbbing as I wanked him slowly, my fingers barely met around his thick girth. The other 2 were reaching into the car, 1 teasing and pinching my hard nipples, the other fingered me so expertly that after just a minute i was cumming.

I came hard - my mind was spinning with what I was experiencing. This was defiantly a first and a big jump up from web-camming.

We left soon after I came, I know it must have seemed a bit unfair to the guys to not see them to the end too but it was all a bit too much to take in. I'm still a little disbelieving now! I know this though - i cant wait for the next time, it was every bit as horny and exciting as I'd hoped it would be.

And to the fellas, if you read this, you made my night - hell my week! Thank you!