Written by Maddie

29 May 2009

My name is Maddie, I'm 38 and have been married to Mark for fifteen years. About ten years ago we found that our sex life was losing the excitement it once had, we're both very highly sexed and have always had it at least once a day and often more. In fact it is second time around for each of us and our experience in the past has always given a certain extra thrill to sex, until we decided that it needed spicing up in some way. Mark is older than me by some ten years and very understanding of the idiosyncracies of life so he accepted the fact that I had always enjoyed a great variety in my love life before I met him. One of the problems therefore was that after five years I was missing this variety in lovers and the way theymade love. Mark said that the answer was to give me back what I was missing, but I demurred thinking it would affect our love for each other, he persuaded me otherwise. He therefore allowed me to find a lover but laid down a few rules, the most important of these was that he should at least see the man and judge whether he was suitable, the other rule was that I was not to meet a man in our small country town.

As it happened I worked in a newsagent's shop and there was a very dishy customer who came in every day for his paper and with whom I had a familiar chat every day. His name was Adam. I arranged for Mark to be in the shop, leafing through magazines, at the time Adam normally came in. It worked well and Mark approved of Adam as a possible lover. Adam was always rather jokingly asking me out although I knew that he was actually serious so a couple of days later I said to him as he once again asked me out, 'Oh, I suppose you just won't be satisfied until I agree to meet you!' Surprised he laughed, he was obviously very happy that I was going to meet him and we arranged that I should drive my Mini (original!) over to a pub way out in the country the following Friday evening.

I told Mark and her said, 'Okay, I'm sure that you will enjoy yourself but don't do it with him unless you are sure that he's okay.' On the Friday I rushed home from work, I had a shower and proceeded to make myself as attractive as possible. I did my hair very carefully, perfumed and powdered my body, put on very sexy bra and pants and then an easy to get out of dress. It was late summer and quite warm as I left the house at seven o'clock having arranged to meet Adam at seven-thirty.

The pub was very quiet and when I looked in the bar Adam was sitting by a window with a drink in front of him. He jumped up immediately and kissing me on the cheek asked what I wanted to drink, I had a vodka and tonic the same as he was drinking. We got to know each other rapidly, he was married, as I had imagined, but claimed that it had gone sour a long time ago and was now a marriage in name only. Whether I believed him or not didn't matter really, I told him that I was married and that I needed a bit of excitement outside my marriage after being married for a long time. After another drink Adam suggested that we found somewhere quiet and got to know each other better, I knew what he meant by that! I asked the landlord if I could leave my car in his car-park for a while and, with a gleam in his eye, he agreed.

Adam obviously knew where to go and there were no signs that the little clearing in heavy undergrowth he drove to was used by anyone else. We started kissing immediately, I have to admit that I was becoming aroused very quickly the thought of having sex with someone different. When he started caressing my breasts through my clothing I suggested that we got in the rear seat. It was a large Mercedes so there was plenty of room. We scrambled into the back and were at it again immediately, when Adam started to unbutton my completely button-through dress I took over and took it off. In the rapidly dying light he stared at my figure, I'm blonde, size twelve and shaved, he obviously approved as he could see through my sexy undies. Kissing me he unclipped my bra and started kissing and caressing my breasts while I felt for his cock. He let me undo his trousers and pull them and his underpants down to reveal a standing erect penis about seven inches long and good-looking too.

Adam began sucking my nipples, something that always turns me on and I wanked his cock thinking how nice it was to feel a different one. He soon had my pants off and I opened my legs to show him what I'd got. I have a prominent mound and my cunt is long lipped so it probably looked quite spectacular, 'Christ, Maddie, what a beautiful cunt!' he gasped and kissed me passionately. 'Beautiful cunt for a lovely cock,' I replied and responded to his kiss equally passionately. Adam was a good-looking man I thought the best part of five years younger than me, I hoped he was as virile as he looked and could maybe fuck me twice. As I lay back against the cushioned seat we carried on kissing while he caressed the lips of my cunt, but I was already well aroused and his finger slipped in to caress the rapidly opening mouth and swelling clitoris. He kissed his way down my body and I spread my legs wide to allow him to give me oral, I thrilled as he first kissed then tongued my clit, I had a small orgasm. I was panting with desire, 'Fuck me, darling,' I gasped.

He moved over me and I felt the head of his lovely cock slide between my lips and position itself at the opening to my vagina. I kissed him passionately as I felt his cock slide up inside me. However, he was so excited that he could hardly control himself and started fucking me hard and fast immediately, I again hoped that he could perform twice! He came almost at once, although he didn't shoot his cum like Mark does, I still enjoyed the feel of it filling me. He collapsed on me gasping for breath, 'Christ!' he panted, 'I'm sorry, just couldn't help it!' I crossed my legs over his back and held him in tightly, 'I just hope,' I murmured, 'that you can go again otherwise I shall be extremely disappointed.' 'I hope so too,' he replied.

We lay kissing and cuddling for a while and once he'd quietened down I began squeezing his cock rythmically, I could do this indefinitely and eventually I felt his cock quiver. Then, in a matter of moments it seemed, his cock grew and became hard again, he began fucking for a second time. I was sloppy with his cum and my love-juice, of which I always produce loads. His cock slipped in and out, I pulled him up slightly so that his cock rubbed my clit properly and he began fucking harder. 'That's a good boy, keep it going, I don't want to finish yet!' I told him. He kissed me and caressed my breasts as he fucked and I let myself go, my mind full, of sexual images.

I was really enjoying being fucked by a different cock and, somehow, Adam made it last for a good fifteen minutes before he came again, that's when I came too. It wasn't the most intense one but very satisfying nevertheless. Cum and cunt juice was pumped out of me as he fucked and it was really messy, but I quite like that specially when Adam came he filled me up again. His cock shrank immediately and slipped out, I closed my legs tightly and reached for my handbag, I had come well equipped and took the thick wad of tissues outand giving some to Adam, cleaned myself up before lining my knickers with them and slipping them on.

I kissed Adam, 'I hope you enjoyed that,' I said. 'Yes, I certainly did, never had a fuck like that in my life, you've got a wonderful cunt, dunno how I maaged to last so long the second time!' 'I can see,' I continued, 'that I shall have to train you on how to satisfy a woman!' 'If that means that we're going to do this again, I shall be delighted,' he responded, kissing me once more. We dressed and returned to the pub so that I could pick up my car, I looked at my watch it was fifteen minutes after midnight. I drove home.

I entered the bedroom, Mark was sitting up in bed reading, he put his book down, 'Enjoy yourself then?' he asked. 'Certainly did,' I replied. 'Then get your kit off, come to bed and tell me all the details.' I did as he said, he kissed me then went down and kissed my cunt, 'Mmm, tell me all about it,' he said. I did, telling him every detail as we made love, it was the most fantastic sex we'd ever had. 'God,' Mark panted as he rolled off, 'if fucking another man has that effect on you, I hope you'll be doing it again!' I did, many times.