Written by sparkly_minx

7 Jun 2007

hi, i am J, im 21, slim with 34G breast, i have a boyfriend who is 26 and he is very fit too. one day after discussing with my boyfriend my bi sexual side we decided to find a girl for me to play with.

after looking through lots of sites i got talking to a very fit italian girl. we talked online for a few weeks..... we would have cyber sex while my boyfrind was at work. we would dicuss what we would do to each other and we would cam and watch each other masterbate, it turned me on so much so she decided to come and stay here for a long weekend.

it was all a bit rushed but we were very excited yet nervous as this was our first encounter.

i have known that i am bi for a long time, me and my best friend used to all ways end up kissing and i always wanted more.... but nothing happened.

any way i went to meet her at the airport while my boyfriend was at work.. i was very nervous... any way i spent the day wth her.. i was too shy to do anything untill later on that night,

my boyfriend and i went to meet her later that night, we went to a local resturant, had a lovely very flirty meal and a few bottles of wine.

we went back to her hotel and had a few more drinks, we then went up to her room. i was so eager to kiss and caress her but also nervous as i knew my boyfriend would be watching me.

she made the first move, she started to kiss me, she felt so good, her mouth was soft yet it was very erotic.

the kissing got more frantic and our hands were all over each other, she had a gorgeous body.. slim with perfect breasts and a tiny waist.


we then undressed each other.... i called my boyfriend over to join us on the bed as i felt uneasy with him wathing so far away... i wanted him to join in.

we were both naked.. ur hot bodies pressed against each other.. our mouths and hands all over each others bodies. fingering each others hot cunts madly

we then started to 69, this was my first experience of another woman, i loved it she tasted to sweet and her pussy was so hot. she was licking franticly on my pierced clit it felt so good i couldnt concentrate on pleasuring her.

we then stopped 2 kiss 4 a while... both of our juices mixing. hot!!!

i loved 2 suck on her nipples..... they were gorgeous.

then my boyfriend started to kiss me while she was kissing all over my body, he then went down on me while she kissed me and sucked on my tits.

i had one of the best orgasms that i have ever had... she asked me if he was good... i told her to try it for herself and told my boyfriend 2 go down on her 2.

once she had came we both started to suck on my boyfriends huge hard on, she kept on sucking and licking his cock while i sucked on his balled and licked his arse which i no he loves, the then spurted his hot thick cum all over us and we both lapped up as much as we could.

we then kissed 2 share his cum.... then i went down on her..... she was so wet and hot i put my tongue deep inside of her pussy... licking out all her juices. then i finger fucked her and sucked on her clit untill i felt her building up 2 an orgasm.

we had so much fun....... my boyfriend and i then left her hotel and went home...we had the best sex we had had in a long time!!!!