Written by mad4it1

23 May 2011

this happened some 20 years ago . i was 26 liked a drink and laugh and always fantasising with my partner having three somes with girls and boys a was loving the fantasys and really wanted a women for me and her to share . and i had no objections. but this isnt about that first time. oh a is 5ft 5 long brown hair very attractive with 40f boobs , loves showing them off and she was 22 , so we had been working as assitant managers in a pub in ashford middlesex. angelina and i had sun nights off together grabed a shower and headed off to staines for a few . carnt remeber the name of the pub we were in but it had a pool table . and angelina was top at pool and was wearing a blue skirt shear black tights and cus she new i liked it nickerless, quite a bit above knee height and a streach licra type top that showed a good bit of breast flesh . she got on the table to play the winner these two guys were playing and she ended up beating the first she played then she played his mate and won and kept on winning or was getting let win. i was around watching these guys tongues hanging out. last drinks came and went and these guys invited us back to a party , we went along to theres where they got the cards out we played a quick game of strip naked where angelina lost every game bar a few and was top down and boobs out which she was a bit concious of and tried to keep them wraped up with her arms, there was these two guys one each side of angelina . i got on my knees in front of her lifted her by her knees and started to pull her tights down , the two guys pushed her back on the settee and started to snog her and suck her tits. . it all happened in 2 seconds at most. then she sat bolt upright grabed her tights which i had got to her knees , looked me straight in the eyes with a confused worried what the fucks happening look on her face . i looked back with the biggest smile and said, lie back bab and enjoy. which turned her look into a beaming smile as she just let us lick her suck her boobs , and that was just the start she sucked licked us snoged us . and we all took turns to shag be sucked it ended up with angelina on top of me and the guys taking it in turn to double up in her with me as she sucked the other. then she promised the two guys another meet if they carried out her fantasy while she watched while shagging me . wasnt my thing she made them suck and fuck each other,