Written by fun time

16 Dec 2014

Hi. I'm Nigel and my wife Nicola has recently had her first lesbian experience and it was so amazing we have decided to share it with you. I'm 28 and Nicola is 25, she is so fucking hot a day doesn't go by without me having to fuck her. In fact she brought up the idea of getting another woman in the relationship t give her a rest, but that's another story. Nicola is a lot like Flavia from strictly come dancing. She is stunning with nice firm breasts and big round, red nipples and she is up for anything.

Anyway, next door to us lives Samantha, Sam is an out and out dike (nothing wrong with that), she has very short cropped hair with muscles I would be proud of with a six pack to match. Now Sam, Nicola and I have always got on well but a few weeks ago Nicola comes running in telling me that Sam had come on to her. Now Nicola had never mentioned wanting sex with another woman but she was so excited she almost begged me to allow it, so I did on the condition I could watch and the Saturday before last well, all I will say is I think Nicola is now ruined for me.

We had gone through a couple of bottle's of wine before we went in at 7 ish and by 7:30 Sams toy's where out including an amazing strap on and by about 7:45 my wife was on her back on Sam's bed.

They started in the living room having a kiss and so on before Sam dragged her upstairs, Nicola was giggling like a child.

I left them to it for as long as I could (about 2 minutes) before joining them in the bedroom, my sexy wife was completely naked on the bed squeezing her own tits with Sam on her knees eating her pussy her shaved head bobbing up and down as she tongue fucked my wife.

After a few minutes of that Sam took the rest of her clothes off showing her amazing buff muscular body with a six pack and almost flat chest with just hard big nipples. Nicola was panting 'oh shit, oh shit' in awe at what was to come.

For the next hour I watched Sam take my wife, using her strap on to fuck her, firstly doggy then on her back and then against the wall. My wife was grunting like I had never heard before and must have cum half a dozen times before Sam threw her back onto the bed, the two of them soaking with perspiration. Sam took off her strap on and pulled Nicola to the bottom of the bed, moved her into position and then started grinding her pussy into my wifes bending over to almost eat Nicolas titties. They fucked for ages both shaking as they came, Nicolas orgasm was so strong she almost passed out. When she had finished Sam nodded to me as though giving me permission to fuck my own wife. Nicola was so wet I just slipped in but by now had been tossing myself off and was ready to shoot my load anyway.

I think I lasted a minted before cuming. Sitting back down I thought that was it but Sam started to eat Nicolas pussy again liking out my cum, of course Nicola who hadn't make a sound when I fucked her was squealing again before having yet another orgasm. Nicola and I still have great sex but she doesn't cum every time any more and I know she has nipped next door for a quickie or two so now I think its time to bring in a surrogate pussy of my wife's choosing. good times !