Written by steve45588

5 Feb 2014

I stayed on top of Michelle for a few minutes, pushing my spent but still hard cock as far up her tight dripping cunt as I could get while I watched my 19yo gf being fucked by 'chelle's bf. She was straddling him, back arched, his hands grabbing her big tits like I always did, and her head back. I watched mesmerised as her pussy lips glided up and down his cock, for a skinny lad he was pretty well endowed and she was enjoying it. 'Chelle was still moaning as I ground my pubes against hers a little, the nipples on her tiny fried egg tits were like bullets and I leaned down and sucked hard whilst keeping my cock as far up her as I could. I still couldn't quite believe what we were doing but the adrenalin rush was intense and I nearly came again as Andy arched his back and shot his load into Gail. She rolled off him straight away, cowgirl really knackered her legs she said, and I did likewise.

"I think you should clean up" said Andy, winking at me and looking at the cum oozing from both girls. "Swaps" said Gail and looking me straight in the eye clambered over to me and started to lick mine and 'chelle's juices off my cock. 'Chelle did likewise with Andy, once we were clean the girls looked at each other for a second then pushed us aside while they got into a 69 position. "Fucking Nora" exclaimed Andy, "this just gets better !"

Gail lay on her back, her long legs bent and spread, ankles resting on the headboard, 'chelle sat on her face and bent forwards to eat her bf's cum from another girl's pussy. Andy and I just watched. "They've fucking done this before the dirty bitches" he said. "Yeah" said 'chelle looking up, "but not for a long time". After they'd made each other cum a couple of times we all lay there exhausted for a bit. Eventually 'chelle got up. "Drinks" she said and trotted off naked down to the kitchen.

Gail lay between us and wanked us until we were hard. "Might as well try some fantasies - who wants which hole ?" she asked. Andy didn't care as long as he could see her tits so we lay on our sides, Gail and Andy face to face and me spooning behind her. She lifted a leg and Andy's balls brushed mine as he slipped up her pussy. I parted her bum cheeks with my free hand and with a little lube pushed my dick up her bum. I could feel Andy's cock through her - it took us a little practice to get the timing right but we were soon DPing her hard and deep. She came almost immediately and kept cumming. Michelle came back with the drinks and the girls swapped, this time I took the pussy and Andy took her arse. 'Chelle was tighter than Gail and so tiny in comparison, we finished up with me on my back and 'chelle riding me leant right forwards while Andy knelt behind. We both came in her and Gail cleaned up again although she drew the line at licking arses out.

None of us had had two partners at the same time before so the rest of the evening was spent seeing what combinations of dicks, fingers and tongues we could get where.

I woke the next morning with 'chelle snuggled up against me and my arm round her, my hand resting on Gail's tit. Andy's head was face down on the other one, two of his fingers pushed loosely up her pussy as they slept. My cock was red raw but we weren't done yet...