Written by steve45588

8 Feb 2014

The next few weeks were intense. Most weekends were spent as a foursome, mostly in bed (although we did manage the occasional pub lunch). I fucked Michelle almost as much as I fucked Gail. Gradually common sense (and fatigue) returned and we settled back down to a less hectic routine, although any night out invariably ended with both girls getting fucked twice, sometimes in the flat, occasionally in the car, and on a couple of occasions on the picnic tables in a pub beer garden. Andy and I both worked shifts so there was also a fair bit of one on one as we called in while the other was at work.

We got more adventurous. 'Chelle spent an evening tied face up to a coffee table while we used her as a fuck toy, and Gail was dared to walk up to a complete stranger with one boob out and ask for directions. One Saturday night we sent out for pizza, 'Chelle's dare was to answer the door naked and keep a straight face while she paid the guy. The poor lad didn't know where to look. The girls decided he was cute so the next week we sent out again and asked specifically for the same guy. Both girls answered the door wearing nothing but fuck-me boots, Gail pulled him through the door, yanked his trackies down and sucked his dick while Andy and I watched through the crack in the kitchen door. The week after they yanked his kecks down again but this time they put a condom on him and 'chelle rode him while Gail sat on his face. We changed pizza places after that in case he turned up next time with a load of mates.

One day Gail confessed a little nervously that she had told someone about us. "Who ?" I asked. I'd been half-expecting it because she was hopeless with secrets. "Pam".

Aw fuck. Pam from work. A little fat old bat with an opinion on everything, most of them half-baked, and a mouth and a half. We'd met on work knees ups, she was a bit of a nightmare but her husband was a nice bloke. Little fat bald bloke covered in tattoos, in a semi-stupor most of the time, he worked for the council and was known to one and all as Dave the Drunken Dustman. He did like a drink but we found out years later he'd actually been Dave the Undiagnosed Diabetic Dustman. Once his meds and diet were sorted he was a different man.

"Fucking Pam ?! Could you not have confessed to someone less judgemental like your mum or the vicar ?"

"Don't get upset" she replied, "she had a confession of her own when I told her." A smile twinkled across her face. "Go on..." I said.

Pam and Dave were swingers, or had been. They were out of practice recently but Pam was hugely excited that Gail had, in her words, been 'getting proper sorted'. Not only that but she apparently wouldn't mind a go on me. We were invited over. I was, in all probability, going to have to fuck Pam. I pulled Gail's dress up, bent her over the table, and got some practice in.