Written by Mrp12314

11 Sep 2015

If u read my first two stories of the couple I met while collecting their car this follows on after I mentioned to my wife about meeting them for a drink.

I rang them the next day when I was at work and said I'd mentioned them to my wife but had told them that my wife didn't know I'd had sex with them but she was up for meeting but would need to take things very slowly to not scare my wife off the idea. They agreed and we arranged to meet at a pub on the Friday night.

Friday came and Jess my wife dressed in a nice short flowery summer dress showing off her sexy legs and gorgeous size 10 figure. She told me she was nervous about meeting them and said she was only willing to have a drink tonight. I reassured her about that's all we're doing but she still felt nervous.

I quickly text them to say that Jess was only wanting a drink and nothing else tonight which they replied with a no problem.

I noticed their hire car in the pub car park as we drove in so looked around for them as we walked to the bar.

I saw them sat in the alcove of the lounge where there were 2 leather 2 seater couches facing each other with a low coffee type table in the centre.

I waved to them as I asked Jess what she wanted to drink. Not being a big drinker she asked for her usual J2O and I got a pint. We walked over and I said "hi this is Belinda and Graham and this is my wife Jess". They both stood up to welcome us.

Graham leant forward across the table and shook jess's hand and gave her a kiss on the cheek and then shook my hand as Belinda also shook Jess's hand and kissed her on the cheek then did the same with me. I noticed that she was also wearing a short thin summer dress. Dark blue. like jess's the length was half way up her thighs. Tight around the waist fanning out at the bottom and a loose upper part. As she leaned over the table to kiss my cheek I noticed her dress ride up as she stretched over to kiss me to almost flash her arse off. I leaned in for her to kiss me and couldn't help seeing her lovely cleavage. We all sat down. Graham sat opposite me and the girls sat opposite each other. Both with their legs crossed showing off every inch of their legs. They both looked amazing and I noticed other guys staring over at them. We all chatted about allsorts and graham asked if we wanted another drink. We both said yes we would have the same again. Belinda went with him to the bar.

I asked Jess if she was ok and she said "yes they are both really nice. It feels like we have known them for years. They are really easy to get on with". As she laughed. I just squeezed her hand and smiled at her.

As graham and Belinda came back with the drinks she placed 2 red wines on the table saying she had got Jess a wine instead to make her relax more.

We agreed to leave the cars and get taxi's at the end of the night so we kept the drinks flowing.

We were all getting tipsy. The girls more quickly when Belinda said she needed the little girls room and asked Jess if she wanted to go with her. Why girls need to go in pairs I don't know. Lol.

Off they went and seemed to take ages. Graham had got more drinks whilst they were gone then sat next to me to talk about the girls without anyone over hearing. Saying how great they looked and I said that Jess was nervous about tonight and said she was only meeting them for a drink and had no intention of doing anything. He said that's fine as they were both nervous too as they had only had a threesome with me and had never done anything else like it. So we said we would take it as slow as it needs to be.

The girls came back laughing as graham was about to get up to move back to the other side Jess said that it was ok and that she would sit next to Belinda.

More drinks flowed and the girls were getting drunk. Out of nowhere Jess started stroking belindas leg but made it look so natural as she just carried on talking as normal. Then Jess said she needed some fresh air so we all said we would come out with her.

It was dark as it was late but not pitch black as it was a summers night. We crossed the beer garden to the far table and sat down. Jess started kissing me and said she wanted to fuck but only with me. As she pulled her g string off and placed it on the table Belinda and graham started kissing too. Jess too the lead and stood at the end of the table telling me to take her from behind and asked Belinda and graham to do the same at the other end of the bench so we could all watch each other.

It's was such a great feeling for all of us as I thrust hard into Jess as we watched Belinda getting pounded the same way infront of us. The girls gripped each other's hands as they both climaxed and it wasn't long until me and Graham came too. Filling their pussies as we saw car lights enter the car park. The taxis were here. We walked over to the taxis leaving both pairs of wet knickers on the table. Me and Graham shook hands as he invited us to theirs the following day for a bbq which we agreed to. He went to give Jess a kiss on the cheek as she landed a big kiss on his lips which surprised him. Belinda saw and kissed me on my lips a little longer then went to Jess to kiss her goodbye as Jess again landed a kiss on belindas lips. Holding her head so she couldn't pull away. They French kissed for about 10 seconds before pulling away and smiling as Jess ran her finger over belindas lips then turned to get in the taxi.

As the taxi drove off to our house the taxi driver commented on the girls kissing and that he got a good view of the four of us fucking at the table as his lights shone on us as he pulled into the car park.

I laughed with embarrassment and Jess been drunk just said to him "hope u liked it. I'm feeling drunk and horny and I want fucking now". With that she undid her belt and straddled me on the back seat. I was soon hard and she got my cock out and pushed herself onto it. She rode me with deep breathes and cries as she kissed me passionately. The driver altered his mirror so he could see us more clearly. Saying I've got a right horny one. She rode the hell out of me as he pulled over and leant round to watch as he got his cock out with one hand and stroked her arse with the other. He wanked and slid his thumb into her arse as she froze at first then gave out a satisfying moan and carried on riding me.

She came a few times then the taxi driver shot his load all over the front of his car just before I filled her for the second time that night. We kissed then she fell back onto the seat behind the driver as the driver carried on to our destination.

We fucked again when we got into bed then fell asleep.

The following morning I mentioned the night before and Jess said she couldn't really remember it. I said "you weren't that drunk. Do you remember anything". She said she remembered stroking belindas leg in the bar and felt so turned on touching another woman like that. Then remembered going outside but can't remember anything else as the fresh air had made her feel more drunk.

I filled her in on the other details of us all fucking over the table which she started and snogging Belinda and then about the taxi. Saying did she realise the driver was fingering her arse as she fucked me. She couldn't remember any of it. When I said she didn't refuse him she said she must have liked it then.

I mentioned that Graham had invited us round for a bbq that afternoon and did she want to go.

She hesitated then said "yes but I'll be embarrassed about my actions last night. Did I really snog Belinda". I said "yes but don't worry about it. I think Belinda enjoyed it too".

To be continued about the bbq.