Written by Bluefish2009

10 Aug 2009

Before we new it, the satnav was telling us that we had arrived at our destination, oh shit, are we here already? Teresa exclaimed. I think we were both a little surprised at how quickly we had arrived at the pub. This was not necessarily a bad thing, just that we were both quite nervous of what we were about to do. This was our first meet with a single guy from SH. Although this was only a meet to get to know each other we were still very nervous.

As Teresa got out of the car her short skirt rode up a little, just enough to give me a glimpse of her stocking tops, this made my mind start to run wild with kinky thought’s and I felt my cock twitch in my boxer shorts.

As we walked hand in hand towards the pub I could feel my heart racing and I new Teresa was just as nervous. Hants met us near the pub entrance where we shook hands and introduced each other, we went inside got some drinks and found a quiet corner of the pub to chat in. The conversation ebbed and flowed between general chit chat and more serious talk about meets and what we were all into.

As the evening wore on, I could tell Teresa was getting braver and more at ease with the situation, helped a little perhaps by the Dutch courage which was taking effect. I could tell she was hitting it off with this guy and was starting to make subtle hints. I could tell Teresa wanted this to go further tonight. Eventually Hants got the message and asked if we fancied taking things a little further tonight. Teresa did not need asking twice and jumped at the chance.

We finished our drinks and got into our cars, we then followed Hants up the road a few miles to a secluded car park in the New Forest. I new Teresa was excited and ready for this, her skirt was pulled up and her hands were already near the tops of her legs, stroking the bare flesh between the tops of her lacy stockings and her pussy as we drove. We parked up along side each other, and Teresa got out and shut the front door while I moved both front seats forward. Teresa then opened the n/s back door and I was blinded by the interior light, I tried to look out to see what they were doing but with the interior light in my eyes I could hardly make them out, They had moved closer to each other and were in some kind of an embrace, but it was so difficult to see. I new some thing must be happening as Teresa let out a soft moan. My cock was now straining inside my boxers. I could now hear the sound of kissing. Soon the kissing and grouping stopped and they both climbed into the back of the car.

Teresa was sat down with her back against the rear o/s door and Hants climbed in and closed the door behind him, as he did so he climbed onto my wife, just as the interior light faded and turned off. Suddenly my eyes were plunged into total darkness and once again I could only make out there outlines, I new some action was taking place as Teresa breathing was suddenly becoming uneven, her breaths came in irregular gasps and pants, this sound was so familiar to me but up until now it had always been me who had made her make these sounds. As my eyes very slowly began to adjust to the darkness, I could now see Hants was between my wife’s legs, she had clearly opened her stocking clad legs to invite him in between them. As my eyes became more and more accustomed to the light I could see the reason for her erratic breathing, Hants had my wife’s short denim skirt hoisted up around her waist revealing the bare flesh above her stockings, his fingers were busy working her pussy through the flimsy material of her pink panties, her blouse was now open and her gorgeous tits were out of the top of her matching pink bra, Hants was sucking on my wife nipples and titties. “Oh god that’s it, suck my nipples hard” she panted.

I could hardly believe my ears and eyes; my wife looked so sexy, she was so totally into this. I could feel the wet patch in my boxers as the pre-cum oozed from my rock hard cock.

Despite the lack of room in the back of the car Hants quickly eased off hiss jeans and boxers, I could not tell if Teresa took her own panties off or if Hants took them of for her. Teresa’s breath was now more laboured than before, his fingers now found her completely bald, soaking wet pussy, I could hear his fingers working her wet love hole as she gasped for each breath. This was so horny; I rubbed my hard cock through my jeans.

Hants sat back down and Teresa was now over his cock, I could hear her slurping and sucking on his cock, I could also hear fingers working in Teresa’s wet pussy but could not tell if it was Hants fingers or her own which were making her juices flow. In between sucking his cock I could her gasp’s of pleasure.

Teresa now sat herself back against the door with her right leg on the floor and her left on the seat, with a condom on Hants now slowly positioned himself between my sexy wife’s legs once more, this was it, I cant remember the last time my cock was this hard, I was about to watch another man fuck my wife in the back seat of our car.

Teresa suddenly gasped; I new this meant his hard cock had parted her wet pussy lips and was now entering her hot love tunnel. Teresa’s hands were on his bare ass and her eyes were closed as she totally enjoyed the feeling of this new cock inside her. I could hear there passionate kissing and see Hants hands grouping my wife’s big tits and playing with her nipples. He now began to stock his member in and out of Teresa’s cunny; with every stroke I could hear the wetness of my wife’s cunt. His pace began to quicken as the car began to rock in time with the thrusting of his hard cock into my wife.

Suck my nipples she pleaded. “Oh that’s it baby suck my titties real hard” Her breathing and panting now seamed to be totally out of control, it was obvious Teresa was so into this good fucking she was getting from the young stud that she had totally forgotten my presence in the car,. There bodies entwined together, as hands, mouth and tongues explored every inch of each other.

The windows misted up, as the heat and smell of animal sex overwhelmed the car. The car was now rocking violently as his cock hammered my wife’s hot wet pussy; she moved her right leg off of the floor and onto the back of the front seats to give the stud a better angle to fuck her pussy. I could tell from her moans and breathlessness that she was love every inch of his hard cock.

I began to think that my hard cock just might burst; it was so hard in my jeans it was aching. The pre-cum had soaked my boxers and my thoughts were turning to when I might get to fuck my wife later, to put my cock deep in her pussy where currently another mans was. “That’s it baby fuck my pussy good” she panted, some of her talk was now beyond dirty talk, and verging on pure filth.

Hants withdrew his cock and replaced it with his finger; I new from the noises Teresa was now making that he was working on her clit, while his hands were busy pleasuring her pussy, his mouth was once again working on her large erect nipples and full breast’s, taking each nipple in his mouth and sucking on it before switching to the other one. I could tell she was relishing this. She gyrated and slowly ground her hips upward to meet the friction of his fingers on her clit. From experience I could tell her panting and moans of ecstasy were now leading up to an orgasm. My whole body was shivering from excitement, this was really happening, it felt as though my own cock might burst at the seams. This was Teresa’s and my fantasy coming true before my eyes. My heart was pounding, as my wife gasped for air, I new she was feeling the tingle deep in her pussy of her building orgasm, suddenly she cried out as her body erupted into a gigantic orgasm, and her cries became incoherent. Her pussy must have been soaping wet as Hants hand splashed her juices as her slapped her pussy.

Almost straight away Hants had his cock back inside my sexy wife, Teresa was in heaven. I could tell she loved the feel of Hants hard cock plunging deep into her. Each stroke satisfied her sexual desire, Teresa’s legs were now as wide open for her sexual lover as she could get them, one was high on the rear seat and the other was over the front seat, allowing Hants cock maximum access to her hot wet pussy. Both Teresa and Hants were now panting from the physical exertion and sexual passion. Hants pace and rhythm had now quickened and was rocking the more than ever, Im going to cum he groaned. Two bodies became one as they moved in unison like a well oiled machine, they both approached there orgasm, both groaned and panted breathlessly as wave after wave of Teresa’s orgasm washed over her, at the same time Hants pumped his hot seed into her.

The condom was quickly discarded as my wife asked Hants to lick her out, he did not need asking twice and was soon down on my wife’s freshly shave pussy, slurping and sucking noises emanated from the back of the car, I new he must be working on her clit, as Teresa’s head rolled from side to side on her shoulders as Hants tongue slithered up and down the hot slit, and over her clit, educing a long moan and sigh as yet another orgasm built deep inside of her cunt, from her groaning I new another orgasm was very close indeed. Teresa’s was totally breathless and was gasping for each breath as she moaned, I new her pussy would be convulsing wildly in Hants mouth, "I-I'm fucking cumming so fucking hard, ohhhhhhhhhh fuck that's nice”! As her orgasm subsided it was clear Teresa had shocked Hants a little with one of her squirting orgasm.

Soon they had both cleaned them selves up and replaced there clothing, we said our good byes with the hope of more fun in the future.