Written by Frank & Helen

27 Feb 2017

My wife and I are a fairly ordinary couple who, if you passed us in the street, you wouldn’t give a second glance. I (Frank) am aged 50, 5’ 8” tall, average body shape and I work part-time as a supply teacher, supplementing my income with some exam invigilating and marking exam papers in the summer months. Helen is aged 49, 5’ 6” tall, perhaps carrying a few extra pounds, but with curves in all the right places, and she works in a local library. We have been married for nearly 25 years and we have no children; when we realised that having children was not possible, we contented ourselves with life together.

If I was being charitable, I would describe Helen as sexually conservative – always missionary, in the dark (or near dark), when we go to bed and off to sleep when we have finished and cleaned up. Her one concession is that she does like me to give her oral sex, and I delight in giving her a good slurping with my tongue, which always makes her cum. However, she always declines to return the favour and the best I get is a brief feel of my penis with her hand during foreplay. I have tried to persuade Helen to shave her pussy from time to time, hoping to free her inhibitions, but she has steadfastly refused, saying it needs constant maintenance and would feel itchy if she didn’t do that. I love Helen to bits and our life together is otherwise most enjoyable, so I wouldn’t dream of being anything but charitable, but if I was being critical, I would say she is sexually repressed.

We tend to take our main holiday in autumn/ early winter to fit in with the timing of my work, and avoid the expensive prices during school holidays. We had booked 2 weeks in Gran Canaria in November, staying at a beach-front hotel, which provided nice walks along the seafront. I had heart by-pass surgery about 18 months ago, so regular exercise is an essential part of my regime.

We had been there a few days and, having eaten our evening meal in the hotel, we decided to take a walk along the seafront. Having walked about a mile, we came to a bar where they had some live music, so we decided to stop and have a drink. On the table next to us was another English couple, Tom and Jill, who I would guess were aged about 70. Tom was about 5’ 10” and fairly large build, Jill was my height and quite slim. We got talking to them and they seemed quite chatty. The band started playing a tune that Helen really likes and, having commented that she liked this one, Tom volunteered to escort her on the dancefloor. Although dancing is not my favourite pastime, I thought I should also invite Jill, so we ended up dancing with each other’s wives. Helen’s favourite tune finished, to be replaced by something slow, so it seemed natural to get ‘up close and personal’.

Helen had drunk wine with our evening meal and had also had a couple in the bar, so she was feeling a bit tipsy, although I was still surprised when Tom slid his hands down onto her bum and started squeezing her buttocks – and Helen didn’t object! Having seen what they were doing, Jill cuddled closer to me and it was then that I first noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Jill grabbed hold of my head and kissed me on the lips, so I decided to chance my arm and kiss her back. This didn’t seem to worry Helen as, when I looked over at them, she had her hands behind Tom’s head, getting really up close and personal. Jill said to me “I think he wants to fuck your wife, I hope you’re OK with that”. I didn’t reply but I thought well let’s see how this develops, and I took the opportunity to have a good feel of Jill’s tits, which she responded to by grinding her hips against my growing erection.

The band stopped briefly, so we returned to the table. Tom suggested we go back to their place, a villa a short walk away, where they had plenty of drinks and Helen readily said yes. I thought well that’s the first hurdle crossed. When we got to their place, Tom opened a bottle of wine and we sat down in the lounge talking about how nice the climate is there. Jill put some music on and Tom took this as an opportunity to invite Helen to dance again. She didn’t seem too bothered about him groping her in the bar as she readily agreed. Needless to say, I saw this as an opportunity to get close to Jill again, so we were both dancing with each other’s wives again – not to mention lots of groping and feeling.

After a while, Jill whispered to me “I think he wants to fuck Helen” and this time she added “he’s taken a Viagra tablet, so he can fuck for ages, but he rarely cums. He can go on for ages and he’s quite big, so I hope Helen can take it.” I looked round to see Tom and Helen, and they had gone! Although feeling slightly uneasy about Helen’s safety and comfort, I decided I should concentrate on Jill, so I said “do you have a spare bedroom then” and she took me by the hand and led me through the door out of the lounge, past the main bedroom door (where I could hear Helen saying “but it’s SO BIG”) and along to the spare room.

Once inside, all thought of what was happening next door disappeared and we both simply stripped off our clothes, Jill only having a light dress and thong to remove, and we dived onto the bed. As it felt normal to me to start with a little oral, I manoeuvred Jill onto her back and proceeded to give her pussy a good licking, and she was soon gushing over my tongue. Although she was only slightly built, Jill had no trouble flipping me over onto my back when she decided the time was right, and working her way down to where she wanted to be. She slurped away on my cock with quite a passion and, as I realised I could easily cum in her mouth, I warned her of what might happen. She gripped the end of my cock in her tiny fist and squeezed tightly, whilst remaining quite still. After a few moments, Jill said “better” and, when I nodded, she said “so now we can fuck”, and climbed astride me, gently lowering herself onto my erect penis.

It felt slightly strange to be with a woman who knew what she wanted and was happy to be in charge. She bounced up and down on my cock for far longer than I could previously have managed without ‘cumming my load’ and she was soon cumming herself with vocal appreciation. She was clearly accustomed to lengthy orgasms with Tom, and was not shy to ‘talk me through’ her feelings – “oh that’s good, yes, fuck me fuck me, yes, oh oh oh OH” - as another orgasm engulfed her. I slipped my hand down between us so I could grasp her clitoris between my fingers and thumb and this really got her attention – “oh my God, oh fuck, oh that’s, oh that’s” – as she stopped shouting barely able to breathe. I realised that I wanted to cum now, but the spell that Jill had put on my cock was preventing it. I had to take the dominant role to make it happen, so I rolled Jill off me, then over onto her front, so I could lift up her hips and position myself behind her. Jill was still panting from her earlier orgasm, so she simply grunted as I slid inside her thoroughly wet cunt. Initially, she grabbed my cock with her cunt muscles but, when I reached round and started fingering her clitoris, she said “ oh fuck” and released my cock, which enabled me to begin fucking her. I gradually increased the pace of my thrusts, all the time pinching her clit more firmly, and she started to wail – “oh fuck, oh yes, oh yes, fuck me, fuck me”. All of a sudden, I realised that here was a lady, albeit rather older than me but clearly a lot more experienced, who was really enjoying being fucked by little old me. It made me feel like a sexual athlete, I instantly felt the sap rising and I came with a roar!

After what seemed like quite a while, I realised that we had both stopped cumming, so I slipped out of her and both Jill and I fell onto our sides facing each other, both with a self-satisfied smile. ”Oh that was good” I said and Jill simply grabbed hold of my face to kiss me passionately.

After we had both regained our breath, Jill suggested she should go next door to rescue Helen, so we both got up to go to the other bedroom. Tom and Helen were both lying on the backs, obviously recovering from their own orgasms, and were both still panting. Helen had her legs apart and I can only assume it was Tom’s spunk leaking out of her pussy. Tom’s cock was rapidly shrinking and appeared to be very wet. Jill said “I came to rescue Helen, but it doesn’t look as though she needed it”. She climbed onto the bed and into a 69 position with Helen and they both started to lick each other’s cunts clean.

It transpired that Tom had been happily fucking Helen with no sign of him cumming - and she was enjoying his massive cock immensely - when they heard Jill and I climaxing in the next room. We had made so much noise in the height of our passion that it had tipped Tom over the edge and he had well and truly filled Helen’s cunt.

After we had cleaned up, we sat naked on Tom and Jill’s private patio in the moonlight and finished the bottle of wine which had been barely started. Tom gave me a note of their phone number and expressed the wish that we might like to meet again before we went home.

As we walked back to the hotel – at well after mid-night – I turned to Helen and said “well what happened there?” Helen said “I think I got a little bit drunk” and smiled a wicked smile that I had not seen before in nearly 25 years of marriage. Perhaps I had found a new side to Helen. By the time we got back to the hotel, I was keen to fuck Helen again, but she was too sore from the pounding Tom had given her so she needed a few days to recover.