Written by barney123

23 Jul 2009

Plucked up the courage and went to Fantasy Video on Tuesday. Well the place was packed. I had a look around and watched some of the hetro videos then sat down.

Soon I was watching off screen action as guys of all ages were getting sucked off.

Now very horny I made my way to the back of the viewing room and soon my jeans were being opened and pulled down.

My cock and balls were soon exposed and there were hands on my cock , arse and chest. My nipples were being expertly twisted, I love it! Then another man started kissing me, wow! soon his trousers were down and his t shirt over his head, we were soon kissing and sucking eachother, now to a very eager and encouraging audience.

soon there was a older man on his knees and was going between our cocks , what an expert sucker, he was fucking great.

this went on for a while with other men taking it in turns to suck us. We meanwhile, were hot sweating and kissing each other like there was no tommorrow. H spunked first into a man's mouth and quickly dressed and left me there to get finished off.

Now my arse was being fingered and my cock sucked by an expert. I was in heaven.

Just as I was about to shoot my load I noticed a beared bloke, big build and holding a massive hard cock in his hand.

I smiled and he smiled but I was too far gone and spunked my load into some blokes mouth.

I was almost falling down with the exhertion and force of my orgasm, but managed to pull up my jeans and sit down and gather my breath.

Hunky bearded man was close by watching me and smiling, I smiled back and mouthed 'sorry'. After a while he made his way to the toilets and I thought 'why not'? I followed him in and there he was pissing with a semi hard cock. I opened my jeans and pulled my cock out and was soon hard just looking at him. He headed for the available lock up and I followed , fuck it was good. He undressed me, and soon he was naked himself. As hairy as me but his cock must have been a good 8 inches, bigger than my 7".

He resisted kissing, said he was married, but I carried on and soon my tongue was in his mouth. God what a kisser!

I needed to suck on his cock and soon was on my knees in the piss stained floor. I love a good cock to suck and was soon swallowing it all, my tongue in his piss hole. MMM lovely, he wanted to have a taste of me too so was soon being sucked by this beared naked man in a pissy toilet. Heaven.

I wanted his spunk in my mouth and told him to give my mouth a good hard fucking. Which he did! Soon he was spunking in my mouth, loads of it. He wasen't going home hungry he said so he took my cock and gave me a good hard suck until I spunked in his mouth and over his beard. It was bliss and I'll certainly be going back there for more! Thanks Fantasy Video, London.