Written by FirstTimePublic

10 Dec 2009

I thought you might like to hear our story from last weekend.

We were staying away from home for the weekend at a friend’s birthday party – a fair few hours drive and we’d discussed having some ‘naughty fun’ while we were away. Although we’ve never got up to much, we do like fun when we are on holiday abroad - far enough away from home for her to feel safe. But not as risky as what she was talking about for this time.

We arrived at our hotel on Saturday afternoon in pouring rain. She was wearing a black jumper, a new red mini skirt with buttons on the front, thick black tights and FMBs.

As we checked into the hotel I noticed her skirt legs and boots were drawing attention.

As we sat down for a bite to eat I teased her a little by taking some photos up her skirt under the table. We sent texts to each other about what we might get upto later. The scene was set.

Before we left for our friend’s birthday party she changed into a patterned dress. Underneath was a red lacy balconette bra and panty/sussie belt set, black sheer stockings and 5 inch heels.

She’s 39 by the way, 36dd, 5'6" tall, shoulder length blonde hair - Should I continue?

Well for the party she wore a small black bolero jacket. She had to be careful in the party hall as the dress wasnt very long and she kept exposing her stocking tops and occasionally a bit thigh. Nobody said anything or made anything of it, but I’m sure people saw. She didn’t dare dance..

Before we’d left home we’d discussed the idea of having sex somewhere a bit risky. I was keen for someone else to be involved. She’d said that if anyone came upon us she wouldn't stop.

As you can imagine I was really horny all night. I could tell she was too as he was kind of edgy

As the party ended and she’d had a fair portion of Gin and Tonic and rosé wine, it was time to get the minibus back to our hotel. Did I mention the minibus? Oh yes getting in and out of the minibus was fun

She had to be careful. We had our hands full of booze and presents and the minibus was full, so plenty chance of being seen. I had to be careful too - I had a huge hard on and had been playing with her sussies all night through her dress. As if getting in and out of the minibus twice wasn’t bad enough, we got in the wrong one first time, booked by a couple we ended up sharing a table at the party with - so had to get in and out of two! I am sure he got a nice eyeful on more than one occasion.

When we got back to the hotel she decided she wanted a coffee. We headed to the bar which was just closing. I got the coffees in as she sat down on a low leather sofa facing the cloakroom / accommodation. As we sat chatting, Christmas functions were finishing in the hotel function rooms and guests were leaving the christmas parties and collecting their coats. One or two looked down at her as they passed.

You could see the bow on her red bra in the V of her dress and a bit stocking top and thigh beyond if you looked carefully enough.

I got her to give me a flash of panty and took her photo. She was really turned on by now - she'd already picked out the area outside our room for some fun..

We decided to return to our room - we had to leave the bar, go outside and let ourselves in the accommodation block’s glass porch. Our room was on the ground floor, its window facing the door of the accommodation block and the car park. Everyone coming into the accommodation had to come past that way.

As we closed the glass door to the car park behind us, I took her by the waist, put her against the wall and kissed her deep. I slid my right hand up her stockinged thigh and could feel the smoothness of her waxed bikini line at the side of her silky panties. Not for long though, as I slipped 2 fingers inside her. Warm. And wet.

We stayed there in that embrace, kissing and me fingering her, for about 5 minutes, in full view of the carpark - it was 12:15 and people were coming and going. There was every chance we'd be seen.

We headed towards our room. Just outside our room the corridor took a right angle, and in the corner was a chair..not quite an Emanuelle chair but getting there. This was where she’d said she fancied some fun.

I took a quick photo hitching her dress up outside our room door, then she sat down and posed for more on the chair.

Soon she was begging to be fucked and bent over in the corridor for me to fuck her from behind. Her heels were high making it a bit of a stretch. All I could think about was someone coming round the corner. I asked her and she repeated that she wouldn't stop if anyone did.

She needed support so opened the bedroom door and leaned over a chest of drawers, holding the room door open with her foot, her dress up over her bum, her sussie/panty combo round her thighs and her trimmed lips facing the hotel corridor. A lovely view. She shouted for big hard cock and said she wanted filling.

The bedroom curtains were wide open, and a light on. Anyone in the carpark could have seen in.

Ten minutes of fucking from behind – very very wet pussy – in the room doorway with the door open she went and stood by the open curtains, her dress exposing her bra now, as I’d taken her tits in my hands as I’d pounded her from behind. I think she was hoping to be seen.

She bent over the end of the bed. This girl loves cock hard from behind. And being licked. She was warm wet and sweet. We fucked there for another 15 minutes. I took a few more photos, especially of her newly waxed landing strip, and of us fucking – through the mirror.

Soon we collapsed on the bed. We closed the curtains and went at it – licking and fucking - with her heels in the air, pussy to the wind, her back on the bed. She was very wet and knew I was turned on

not just by the scenario but also through taking the photos.

She’s getting more adventurous every time we play now, and says we need to take a drive to the coast one day between Christmas and new year.

Perhaps this next time someone will see us ;-)

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