25 May 2019

Me and Eileen are into a lot of of things in and out of the bedroom and it did not take her mush coaching the first time many years ago to start to get into the swing of things. We were not to long married and i asked Eileen about letting are sex life spice up a little more she said she did not mind and how we would go about it. I put to her maybe to start of we get a man in to give her a massage yes smiled and said yes but as long as she could were eye shades she did not want to see what was happening. We went through a few local magazines and after a few box numbers and phone calls we both said we would let a chat call John be the one. John was a lot older than us he was about 55 years old we were both still in are 20s. The day came for the massage and I collected John at a local supermarket and took him to ur home. Eileen was in the living room she had a top and skirt on we had some small talk and then Eileen she would make here way up stairs. John then asked me were he could massage and touch I said everywhere, we give Eileen a few minutes then we went up stairs. She was laying face down on the bed with the eye shades on, her back to us and a long towel covering al of her back and a lot of her leg. I stood at the door of the bed room and John walk in to the room and stood over Eileen he had a small bottle of oil and he put some on his hands and started to rub around the back of her neck i watched her move her toes, he gently started to roll the towel down her back she had no bra on he massaged al over her back and her arms and the side of her breasts he looked at me and I nodded for him to carry on so he took the towel of her showing she was wearing a pair of white knickers. He massaged down her legs he parted them as he was massaging them at this point he turned her over showing of her 44dd breasts and her nipples were rock hard. At this point I was rock hard and I looked at John and could see he was the same he now and his hands on her shoulders and moving on to her breasts his hands were pressing into her breasts and nipples I took my tea shirt of and took my dick out John looked at me and I told him to do the same if he want it he did he was hard and his dick was uncut and big not to thick he moved his hands al over stomach over her knickers getting a feel of her pussy by rubbing his fingers hard on her pussy he massaged her legs he then put her back on her stomach and did the same again by this point i was naked. He turned her over again and this time he started to rub her breasts hard and pull and squeeze her nipples Eileen was breathing hard he leaned over and rubbed his dick on her arm I was rubbing my dick on the bottom of her feet. He made his way down her stomach and took her knickers of showing her very hairy red pussy her started to rub her pussy and she bent her left leg up he then started to finger her getting four fingers in her pussy this was to mush for me so i got on the bed beside her and started to kiss her and suck her nipple I then put my hard dick up inside her very wet pussy and buck her hard I pulled the eye shades of her she was bucking back she took Johns hard dick in her hand and started to rub it with in seconds John came over her face an d my spunk went right up inside her pussy John then fingered her and I sucked her tits tell she came.