Written by andy

17 May 2010

where i live is a bit out of the way not near major cities but has a fairly good bi scene

have met a couple of guys off sh and sucked them off, a very enjoyable experience but so far no one ever sucked me off.

I got talking to a guy who was recomended by a friend and have been trying to get together with him for months and last week we managed to get together he has a fairly large cock and he asked if he could fuck me to which I said i would give it a go.

I turned up at his flat and he took me straight upstairs might as well get straight to it and he had his cock out and my pants down in no time we went straight into a sixty nine it was heaven he was sucking my cock and balls licking up and down the shaft doing what I was also doing to him it was bliss this went on for about 20 mins then he asked if he could finger me and lube me up I said i was up for it and bent over for him on the bed he then fed his very hard cock up me and got it about half way he then said push back and the rest just slid in i felt his balls on my ass it was like having an iron bar up me he was so hard then he fucked me, had me moaning the feeling was so amazing.

but then i started getting a little sore so he pulled out got rid of the condom and cleaned himself up then fed me his cock to suck which incidentally still felt as if it was up my ass I then got to work sucking his cock and eventually he came, quite a lot really and i had to swallow b4 he finished so not to spill any still got a few drops of spunk on my chest

hope you enjoyed this story the guy who will know who he is I will mail