5 Apr 2019

A few years ago prior to things slowing down, we met via another site, a local couple Kevin and Julia.

We were in Worcester at the time and half way between us and them in Kidderminster was a cute little black and white pub tucked away in the countryside, the Hadley Bowling Green.

Located down a narrow country lane, just off the Kiddi to Worcester dual carriageway, this is a fine little gastro destination pub. A quiet haven off the manic rushing we all do when we are in a hurry to get nowhere important and miss such things.

When you drive into the wide open car park and get out you hear very little traffic. You can imagine in days gone by the local farm workers and gentry drinking here. Lashing their horses to the rails and maybe pottering on the bowling green next door for a game or two. Still played to this day I understand.

Julia was a nurse and Kevin something to do with finance I think. They were a warm couple full of smiles and hugs as we met. She was wearing a light summers dress, which floated in the breeze and he was more formal in a sports jacket. We had gone for jeans and the casual look as it was predicted to be the perfect summer evening to meet people and socialise, so nothing too smart.

After getting drinks inside we walked out to one of the tables next to the bowling green where we couldn’t be overheard and settled in for a chat.

It was one of those warm balmy nights, where the sunlight seemed to linger till late. The kids around the pub were happily playing tag in the garden and as darkness fell the bugs came out to play, so the ladies pulled their jackets around them against the slight chill.

Julia was blonde and slightly curvy with a fuller figure than Dawn, but well maintained. She had a charming glint in her eye and a cheeky knowing smile and laughed really easily. Kevin was pleasant and seemed slightly reserved. However the meet was going well and once we had all tired of the usual questions of ‘how did you get into this’ and ‘met anyone really strange on your journey’ and giggled at all the stories which followed, it was dark and time to amble back to the cars.

Although it was agreed at the beginning this was just to be a social meet to see how we got on. It was apparent that all of us were reluctant to depart and not have a little taste of the potential fun to come. We hesitated opening the doors and so did they, before I casually mentioned that I used to live around here years ago and knew of some empty gateways nearby which picnickers used on summer days.

A glance at the ladies, a quick nod and the decision was made!

They invited us to join them in their larger posh car and I directed Kevin less than a mile to a pull in, which was far enough from the road that passing vehicles wouldn’t have a clue we were there. He manoeuvred the car so the side doors faced away from the road and I jumped in the back with Julia and Dawn slid in to the passenger seat.

The first kiss was warm and wanting. Within moments it was deep and passionate. We both liked the way we kissed and that loose summer dress was perfect for allowing access to all areas. I bent and kissed around her tits, easing out a nipple and tickling it with my tongue. She panted harder and I slid the dress up her legs to revealed french knickers, my favourite, as my left hand slid into the wet, warm and welcoming pussy with a deep sigh from her.

But I wasn’t the only one having all the fun. I heard Dawn and Kevin kissing in front and her top came off, revealing her pert naked breasts beneath. I knew Dawns tight jeans were being unzipped as I felt the car move slightly as she wriggled out of them. ‘That’s better’ I heard Kevin say.

To this day, we don’t know what he did or how he did it, but he knew exactly where her G spot was, or some other magical spot. Because she was writhing around in moments and shouting ‘oooo fuck that feel so good!’ I had never heard her be so responsive so quickly and the sound of her bending over the arm rest and slurping on his cock, was inspiring us to do more in the back.

Julia’s pussy tasted wonderful and I managed to spend a few moments concentrating on the gorgeous soft labia and clit. She started to writhe and wriggle desperately reached for my cock which was just out of arms length. ‘Give it to me’ she demanded, so I leaned back and she launched herself at it with no hesitation. Taking it deep. Stroking my balls with one hand and fingering my arse with the other. Definitely a nurse I thought.

We were all getting along famously as you can tell when at that moment another car pulled into the gateway. The beams lighting us up like a Christmas tree.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck’ came the collective cry from everyone in various states of undress. Julia quickly pulled up her dress. Dawn sank down low in the seat and wriggled back into her jeans. I just stepped out of the car and casually as I could tucked my stonking great cock away and pulled my trousers up. I knew they weren’t cops, so I assumed they were like us, wanting a quiet spot for some fun.

The car suddenly reversed as the occupants realised what they had stumbled upon. Leaving us all panting and dressing as fast as we could.

We all laughed out of nerves, but we knew it was all over. A great ending to the night though and we certainly knew we had some fun to look forward to with these two in the near future.

They drove us back to the pub and we made arrangements for the following weekend to meet at my photography studio. Maybe we will take some photos and maybe we won’t I told them, but that story is yet to be written.