Written by tony_leeds

1 Feb 2011

This is a true account of my first 3-some-mmf experience back when I was 21yrs of age. I had been with my girlfriend at that time for 2yrs, she was 2yrs younger than me.

S, my girlfriend and I went out for a few drinks with my best friend D to help cheer him up after his recent break-up with his g/f. It was a great night and we all decided to continue back at S's parents home as they were away on holiday at the time.

After a few drinks we all decided to go to bed, D was given the double bed as he was 6'2 and wouldn't fit in any of the other beds.

S & I went to her bedroom and eventually got down to some sex, which didn't last too long. We fell asleep.

I woke up an hour later to find S missing. I heard some noises coming from the double bedroom so went to investigate. The door was ajar enough for me to peek round. I saw S & D both naked. S was sat on the edge of the bed and D was standing in front of her. I saw D's erect cock, it was massive and thick. I knew he was big - 9.5 inches as this was discussed between the girls previously. S was sucking his cock, taking a good 6 inches deep in her throat. I knew how that would feel like so no wonder D was moaning. The sight of this made my cock very hard which surprised me.

I walked into the bedroom, and said please continue - don't worry. I climbed onto the bed, kneeling behind S. I grabbed her breasts from behind and kissed her neck and ears which I knew she loved. S continued sucking D's cock. I suggested that S and I got into a 69 with her on top and her arse over the edge of the bed facing D's cock. He lowered his knob to S's pussy hole and slowly pushed open her lips. I opened her lips further with my fingers and his cock pushed all the way inside her. He started a slow rhythem and slowly increased until his balls kept slapping against her arse. S continued sucking my cock as he built up a fast pace. I knew her pussy would be very tight against his knob and shaft so wasn't surprised when he said he was about to cum.

I continued licking her pussy lips and clit as she sucked my cock deep in her throat. S took my cock out of her mouth and said to D, cum deep inside my pussy. He needed no second invitation and slammed deep inside her pussy and let her have a massive load of cum. I know it was massive because I continued licking and sucking her pussy to give S an orgasm, which meant I was drinking down D's cum too.