Written by JJFisher

12 Feb 2014

Nothing much happened between Giles and me after our first time session although he did ask me a couple of times if I would be happy to pose for him again. Of course I agreed to that.

A couple of weeks later my wife arrived for a long weekend and she and Giles hit it off together immediately. Over a bottle of wine they chatted quite happily and he showed her his collection of sketches with me included. She was very impressed with the standard although a bit surprised that I had posed naked and in full length.

“Weren’t you embarrassed” she asked and I replied that Giles had put me at ease. In fact I had enjoyed the whole experience!

Giles then asked Susie if she might consider posing as she obviously had a delectable body. At 32 she was tall slim had long legs and very pert boobs. She also liked her long auburn hair which was tied back.

As the wine flowed he persuaded her to have a try and also asked if she ever wore stockings as he would like to try a modern take on a female nudist sketch. To my surprise she agreed to pose for him next afternoon. Giles also mentioned that he would be keen to sketch us as an intertwined couple.

The following afternoon was warm and sunny when we met up in the bedroom. Giles dressed in a t-shirt and shorts set up his sketch pad while we sat on the bed in dressing gowns.

“Right. That’s me ready” said Giles. “Susie can you take off your dressing gown and kneel on the bed. Put your hands behind your back and lean your head backwards.”

Susie stripped off her gown to reveal herself in black stockings suspenders g-string and black bra. She looked stunning and very sexy as she threw her head back. My erection grew straight away. Giles took a couple of photographs to help his sketch then started on the drawing. I noticed that he had a large bulge in his shorts. He busied away for a while but noticed that Susie was getting uncomfortable and sat up. As she did so one strap of her bra slipped over her shoulder and reached to fix it.

“Would you mind taking it off” said Giles and to which Susie removed her bra to reveal her lovely boobs and rock hard nipples.

Susie giggled then said “That’s not fair. I am nearly naked and both of you are dressed.”

“We can change that” said Giles and we both undressed to confront Susie with two naked guys with rock hard cocks.

Giles moved over to the bed to adjust Susie’s hair and as he leaned over her his fingers brushed one rock hard nipple. Susie shuddered in pleasure. Then I heard him whisper.

“I would like to fuck the two of you” he said

“OMG” she replied “Go on then”

Giles got Susie to lie down then ran his tongue and mouth over her nipples and with one hand reached down to her g-string. His fingers then probed into her and felt her increasing warmth and wetness. Susie was by now moaning and moving her body in pleasure.

“Your wife is a naughty girl” he said. “And I am going to fuck her.”

Susie moaned louder in anticipation and to my surprise said “Oh Giles do it. Make love to me now please.”

Giles moved down her body and with his tongue and fingers worked on her very wet pussy and clitoris. All I could do was stand and watch with a huge hard on and start to slowly wank myself. Giles moved up the bed and with the fingers of one hand stroked and rubbed on her clit. He lifted head with the other hand and brought her mouth to his eight inch cock. Susie opened her mouth then took his hardness inside her. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked and licked. I reached over and put my hand under his balls and rubbed his anus as Susie continued to suck and lick. Giles pulled away and Susie moaned loudly as a massive clitoral orgasm rushed through her.

“Ooooooh aaaaaaaaaaaaah OMG.” She yelled as he continued with his fingers. Her whole body shuddered as the orgasm swept through her. Giles then turned her over on to her stomach pulled her up to her hands and knees then sank his shaft right into her. Susie went wild as he moved slowly in and out and thrust towards him every time. She was like a different woman and screamed out in pleasure.

“Oooooh fuck me, fuck me, its soooooo good” “Lick his balls Jim for me.”

So I bent down behind them and with my tongue licked on Giles balls and anus and slipped a finger down so I could feel his shaft entering my wife.

Giles pushed even harder and Susie thrust even more towards him. Giles moved faster and faster and she moaned even more when he pushed hard into her and their bodies shuddered as the two of them came together.

By now I thought my cock was going to burst. I turned the two of them over then together made them lick and suck on my cock. I got up quickly and slipped a condom on and then smoothed some jelly over Giles’ anus. I pulled him on to his hand and knees then sank my cock into him. He shuddered and moaned as I moved slowly then faster and faster. Susie held his head and they kissed passionately as I fucked him slowly then faster until I couldn't hold back any more. With one great moan I came in great shudders. We all collapsed on the bed.

For the rest of the afternoon we stroked and teased each other then took Susie in turns in a spit roast. Susie was fucked six times in different positions and seemed to get wilder each time. It was an amazing experience.