Written by Helen

20 Aug 2013

Hi all, I’m new to the site but I really enjoy reading the experiences related here and like the format where a woman can actually post erotic episodes she has had for the enjoyment of the readers.

My name is Helen and I’m mid-fifties. I have since I was a younger woman back in the early seventies had a very strong sexual appetite and get turned on very quickly by the attention of the right man or menand have no problem making the running myself if I see a guy I fancy. I remember going on holiday with my then boyfriend and while he went to the bar at Manchester airport to get us some drinks I went into a WH Smiths to get a book to read during the trip. I was browsing and noticed a good looking guy who I would say was in his forties (more than twice my age then) having a sly look at my legs and bum.

I was enjoying the attention so made a show of reaching up to the top shelf so my little skirt rode up and then bending down to the bottom shelf so I could flash my nylons at him. The place was fairly quiet so I while looking at the bottom shelf turned myself towards him and parted my thighs so he could see right up my skirt and had a good view of my stocking tops and bare thighs and even the front of my tiny black panties.

He was as bold as me and came over to me and stooped so that he was very close. He ran his hand up my leg over the tops of my stockings and bare thighs to touch me through my panties.

I gasped and he whispered there’s a toilet in the corner of the shop I’ll see you over there. He went over and went inside. I looked around and like I said it was early morning so very quiet so I followed him over to the loo with my knees feeling very weak.

Once inside he grabbed my arm and took me into the tiny men’s cubicle where we started to kiss and touch. His hand was under my skirt and inside my panties to stroke my by now wet hairy fanny. I unzipped his jeans and wanked his stiff dick. We were both gasping like hell and he lifted me up against the wall and I reached down to guide his penis into my pussy.

My skirt was up around my waist and his pants were down around his ankles while he shagged me. He didn’t even take my panties off his dick just went up the side and into my fanny.

We both came very quickly and I felt his erection go soft after he had spunked into me.

I looked down and there was a load of his spunk still on the end of his dick so I bent and licked and sucked it before we got tidied up.

We left the shop separately and I went to the bar to join my guy who said where’s your book? I replied that there was nothing to interest me and at the same time felt this strangers semen in my panties and starting to run down my bare legs.

I hope the readers like my experience as like I said I am now a lot older with a lot more stuff to share.

Helen. XX.