Written by first time couple

22 Dec 2014

Louise and I have been married for 15 years and have an ok sex life but we have sort of half joked about how we could spice things up. Up until recently we would have sex about once a week and it was ok.

After watching something on TV about sex and swinging I asked her if that was ever anything she had considered. Louise has a funny little laugh when she is embarrassed or shy and she goes very red. I took that as a yes but as she said, she wouldn't do anything that risked our relationship.

Well that was a few months ago and the subject had come up a few times but never as a serious conversation and I had given up on the thought until we went away to Devon for the week to stay with friends.

Kevin and Ann had been friends of ours for ages in fact Kevin is my best mate and I tell him everything including how I was considering sharing Louise to spice things up. He though it was great, he had fancied Louise from the first day he met her and I can't blame him. Louise who is 40 is only 5'2" but she is very attractive and has a great body and I know she gets a lot of attention hen she is out. Ann his wife if lovely but very straight and kevin tells me she thinks sex if for young people and is for making babies, in fact they only have sex a few times a year becouse she feels sorry for him.

Anyway, back to the story. Kevin half jokingly offered his services which I laughed off becouse it would be too weird but one evening in bed I told Louise that Kevin fancied her and reminded her of our conversion, her reaction was a shock. She took a deep breath and asked if I would be ok with that. I told her I suppose I would becouse he's a mate but then she was concerned that if I asked him and he refused it would ruin the friendship and then there was Ann who would never agree with it. I asked her if that could all be sorted would she do it, she said she wasn't sure.

That was it, I couldn't get the thought out of my mind, I told Kevin and he was so excited he wanted to fuck her there and then but I told him Louise wasn't sure and we had to have a plan.

The next evening Ann was out at one of her choir events and the kids where staying at their grans. I plied Louise with a bottle of wine and suggested we have an early night. everything had to go to plan and be over before Ann came back which was expected to be at about midnight.

By 10pm Louise and I where in bed, she was wearing her sexy nighty which I had off her in no time at all, we had a bit of touch, me fingering her pussy which she loves so I could get her in the mood before I asked how she would feel if Kevin came in and joined us.

She giggled again and went bright red, well I asked ! She wanted to know if I was serious so I told her I was. I got up and turned out the main light which was my signal to Kevin and got back into bed, Louise was on her side looking at me when he came in naked. She looked over at him and then me, I wasn't sure if she was ok or was going to freak.

Kevin slid in behind her, Louise held my hand and closed her eyes as he started to squeeze her tits, I could just make him out using the table lamp as his hand moved between her legs, his fingers disappearing into her pussy. Kevin moved himself, guiding his cock until he was inside her from behind, the gentle rhythm making it obvious he was fucking my wife.

I got out of bed and sat on the chair and watched and she moved onto her back and Kevin slid onto her before sucking her tits hard then going down on her, lapping and sucking at my wife's pussy before sliding his thick long cock back into her. He was gentle with my wife, holding her hands above her head, his rhythm increasing in urgency her legs wrapped around his waist. The look of ecstasy on her face, her quiet squeals telling me she was building up to an orgasm.

The whole sight was driving me wild, I was tossing myself off as my best mate fucked my wife. The rhythm stared to speed up until they where both grunting and had moved from gentle sex to having a good hard fuck. In one move Kevin pulled Louise up and moved her onto her stomach and fucked her doggy style, her sexy tits swinging as his balls slapped her arse. This went on for a while until they stopped and she was on her back, Kevin now straddling her face his cock between her lips fucking her mouth quite hard before sliding back to her pussy.

I came over my hands at the sight and not long after Kevin let out a load groan and Louise shook and cried. A sound that told me she was having a strong orgasm as he filled my wife with cum.

They lay there for a little while before Kevin pulled his wet cock out and got up, out of breath. Louise thanked him but he was so out of breath he just smiled before leaving.

I climbed back into bed and fucked my wife but was just about able to get a drop more cum to appear but she was orgasmed out and just lay there.

Now I'm wondering what we could do as an encore, I suggested another woman but that's not an option..... for now.