Written by Photo boy

19 Nov 2014

My name is Nigel, I'm 45 I'm a photographer which is were I met my wife Lisa who is 24. Lisa used to model lingerie for catalogues and still does now and again but concentrates on helping me run my business. It goes without saying she is hot with a fantastic body but is very caring as well which is why I married her. We have always had a fun sex life and considered playing with others in order to keep things fresh and exciting but never really done anything about it until a few weeks ago.

Lisa has always had a thing about older men and mentioned to me that her fantasy is to have sex with a much older man.

Eric who is 72 had employed us to take photo's of his holiday home some time ago and had recommended me to his rich friends so I had a lot of business from him and we kept in touch going to his home for meals and so on. Eric had made no secret of what he thought of Lisa and I had teased Lisa about it for months.

last weekend we went to his home for a meal and a chat about business and as usual Eric flirted with Lisa using whatever excuse he could to touch her hand or waist. The sexual tension was heavy, Lisa and I had talked about her fantasy and I made it clear that if the opportunity ever arose I wouldn't' get in her way. Now I spent the evening talking to Erics wife Margaret who appears very prim and proper and for a 62 year old isn't bad looking whilst Eric and lisa flirted and chatted. After the meal Lisa takes me to one side and tells me that she thinks Eric wants to fuck her I reminded Lisa of what we had agreed and that was that.

Over the next hour or so Eric's touching got a little more adventurous, Lisa looked at me for re assurance and I just smiled and nodded, when I looked over at them again Lisa's top was open and Eric was stroking her tits. I mentioned to Margaret that Lisa and Eric were getting along very well and she just smiled and told me to leave them alone and to 'let an old man have his fun'.

Margaret kept me busy chatting about stuff when at about 11pm I thought we should be making a move but noticed Lisa and Eric where missing, I asked Margaret where they where, she smiled and said ' I think they're fucking'. The look on my face must have surprised her becouse she said she thought I was ok with it' I think I just smiled and nodded but to be honest wasn't too sure, I didn't think it would ever happen.

Margaret took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom and sure enough my beautiful wife was naked on her back with Eric eating her pussy. Margaret and I stood there for a while and watched Lisa thrust her hips and groan and Eric did his thing his tongue and fingers exploring her. We watched as he made his way up her slim body to her sexy firm tits and watched his gorge himself on them whilst he finger fucked her tight pussy all the while Lisa groaning and twisting in ecstasy.

Margaret told me to sit down and enjoy the show which I did. I watched as Eric slid his cock into her and started to gently fuck my wife whilst she wrapped her legs around his waist. The site of this gave me a major hard on which Margaret took delight in squeezing. She unzipped my trousers and pulled my cock out and gently wrap her hands around it and slowly toss me off whilst we both watched her Eric and my wife.

I must have been too enthralled in that site to notice Margaret take her top off but I did notice her wrap her lips round my bell end. For 62 her body isn't bad, I looked down at her head bobbing up and down and she gave me an amazing blow job and couldn't resist squeezing her little soft tits. For what seamed like ages she sucked my balls and cock whilst she played with her herself. Eric and Lisa where going for it, he was giving her a good fucking holding her hands above her head whilst shafting her pussy her tits swinging with each hard thrust Lisa groaning begging him to fuck harder.

This was too much, there was a real danger of me cuming and I told Margaret to slow down but she just started tossing and sucking me off harder. Lisa let out a soft groan which I had heard so many time before which told me she was cuming, The lower and longer the groan the deeper the orgasm and this was low and long. Her back was arched and she face was a deep red, she was having a major orgasm.

Erics face was over hers all the while he was talking dirty to her telling her he was going to fill her tight pussy and he was going to make her cum hard. Lisa just panted something like 'please fuck, just cum in me please' which he did and not too quietly.

This was too much for me and I just let go shooting my load into Margaret's mouth, not sure if she would be happy with that but she was, she squealed and sucked every drop out of my cock almost choking. She looked up at me, her mouth was full, cum dripping down her chin and she drank every drop. I was still hard so I put her on her back and fucker her and sucking her nice soft titties, the next load arriving not too long after.

We left at about 1am neither of us quite believing what we had done. You might not be too impressed at the though of me fucking a 62 year old but needs must and to be honest she was a good fuck.