10 Jun 2019

When i was 18 I went with a boy called Sam and had large group of friends as you do at that age and parties were on weekly basis I had been going out with Sam for about 2 months and whilst we had heavy petted we hadnt had sex as yet

One Saturday we went a party at a house of Kerry parents who were away for weekend Usual party lots of drink and dancing and as it was coming to an end at about 4 am Kerry suggested anybody who wanted to stay were welcome As niether of stayed close we said yes as did another couple Johnny and Irene who we vaguely knew So after a bit of tidying up we all went upstairs which had 3 rooms After about 10 mins we were aware of Kerry moaning and bed sqeeking and it was obvious her boyfriend Alex was pumping away at her Then we heard Irene from other direction obviously getting a seeing too as she was saying "fuck me fuck me" over and over This obviously gave Sam ideas and I could feel his erction in my back so I just turned over and without any foreplay he entered for the first time and after a few minutes he came inside me Just at that we heard Johnny obviously coming after fucking Irene Alex was onviously still fucking Kerry cause she was still moaning and the bed was still squeeking After a couple of minutes of just lying listening them it went quiet After a few minutes Sam decides to go to toilet so I turned over to go to sleep I heard voices out in landing and then Sam coming back in He cuddled up to me hands round my breasts and then went to between my legs and was making me come when I realise it wasnt Sam but I was too far gone Then I heard Kerry starting to moan again as it was clear someone was fucking her but when I turned over it was Alex who had his fingers inside me He then gave me a kiss and pushed my head towards his now erect cock As I was sucking him off I could hear the bedsprings in the other two rooms so if Alex was with me it meant my boyfriend Sam was shagging Kerry As I sucked off Alex I was aware of his fingers entering my bumhole and using my fanny juices to lubricate his entry After a while Alex turned me round on all fours and for my very first time I got fucked up my arse He seemed to last for ages and I couldnt hear any noises from other rooms so obviously the other 4 knew I was still getting fucked by Alex although probably not in my bumhole After a good while Alex tightened his grip and for the first time someone came inside my bum We stayed in that position for a minute or so and flopped down on the bed Alex explained the 3 guys had met going to toilet and decided to swap So Sam my boyfriend hadnt been shagging Kerry as I thought but had shagged Irene Alex then got up and left the room A couple of minutes later the door opened and as looked up I could make out Johnny coming into room He lay down and asked if I was ok and as soon as I said yes his hands went between my legs and said well who is a wet girl I told him he would be wet too if he had just been fucked by two different guys ommitting that Alex hadnt actually fucked my pussy He continued to play with me and said well youve kept the best till last as he took my hand onto his semi hard prick I just said wow no wonder Irene walks funny He was huge by the feel of it and was getting bigger by the second After a few strokes I let go and he said oh but I reached over and turned bedside lamp on I told him I wanted to see it I wasnt disapponted It looked like some of the porn stars I had seen on my brothers videos Huge and thick so I just had to suck it and his fingers were inside me playing with my clitoris and then I felt his fingers explore my bumhole and I felt him hesitate when he felt it sticky I stopped sucking him and said yea Alex just came up there but dont you even think of it I couldnt even get his cock in my mouth so I wasnt that anywhere near my bum He just pushed me back on bed and shoved his cock in my pussy God I felt as if I was gonna explode and he told me he had fucked Kerry in both holes but Irene wouldnt let him do anal He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and kept pumping when he suddenly withdrew and then I felt him nudge my bumhole and I could feel going in bit by bit before my whole body shuddered as his monster went fully in He laughed and said now you and Kerry can share your stories At that he suddenly sped up and pounded me for what seemed like ages before he shot his load From being an anal virgin to having had two cocks come in my bumhole in half an hour After a while he gave me kiss stick his fingers up both my holes and said till the next time When Sam came back in he was a bit sheepish but I gave him a kiss and said goodnight