30 May 2017

At the time I lived in a small leafy village in rural Hertfordshire and had just joined SH when I noticed couple on the website that had a distance of 0 miles and to my surprise they were of similar age to me and interested in meeting a single male.

So as usual I sent of an email introducing myself and thought nothing more of it until a few day latr I had a message in my inbox from Rita and Steve, they said they had looked at my photo and was I interested in a meet to see how we got on. With the message they said that they have given me access to their private photos. I immediately looked at them there was Steve a good looking ordinary sort of bloke and Rita a Scandinavian blonde with short cropped hair and the most wonderful pair of breast I have ever seen.

A couple of more e-mails followed and we arranged to meet in the beer garden of the local pub one evening around 7pm. I was the first to arrive and sat down on one of the bench tables that was free. When they arrived they came over and introduced themselves and Steve asked if I fancied a drink, he then disappeared off to the bar to get a round in. Rita sat next to me and within 30 sec had her and on my ever increasing hardon saying “Is that for me..mmmmm” and licking her lips.

After a brief drink and a discussion between Rita and Steve I was asked whether I fancied coming back to their place for a little fun. When we got through the door I was shown into the lounge and Steve joined me whilst Rita freshened up, when she came into the room my eyes nearly popped out of my head, there she was in the most revealing corset with stockings and suspenders, but no knickers and a gorgeous clean shaven pussy on view.

Rita sat down in the arm chair opposite us and opened her legs and began to play with her already glistening wet pussy. Steve just looked at me and nodded for me to join Rita as he took his hard cock out of his trousers and started to wank himself. I went over to Rita knelt in front of the chair and she shifted position so I could start to gently lap and her wet pussy, she moaned as first one and two fingers disappeared inside her as my tongue continued to gently lap at her clit. Her head back her back arched as she loved the attention I was giving her, the more I lapped and nibbled her clit the louder she moaned until she grabbed my head and pushed it hard towards her pussy as she came for the first time that evening, with a jet of gorgeous tasting cum flooding my mouth.

“mmmmm that was wonderful said Rita as she got up and took me by the hand “and one good turn deserves another” she said as I was led up the stairs into Rita and Steves bedroom. When we got into the room Rita stood in front of me unclipped the suspenders removed her stockings then as I took my shirt off she knelt in front of me, taking she gradually licked around the head of my cock then up and down it before closing her lips around the shaft and started her head bobbing back and forth, oh what a feeling to have Rita giving me a blowjob whilst her hubby watched on as he got naked and slowly wanked his cock.

I want this inside me she said to Steve and he passed me a condom to put on. “No” said Rita I want to feel his cock in me. Rita stood up and went to the bed and laid down on it, beckoning me forwards for a lovely long deep kiss. As we kissed I started to fondle her magnificent tits, gently rolling each nipple between thumb and forefinger before giving them a little tweek. I broke away from our kiss and gently nibbled at one of her nipples noticing only then that Steve had his tongue buried deep in Rita’s pussy. As I nibble at her nipple she threw her head back and gasped as she came for the second but not last time that night.

As she came down from the orgasm she had just had Steve said for me to lie on the bed with my head at the bottom. Rita then stood on the bed facing me, then went onto her knees as she slowly moved her pussy towards my cock. I held it, teased her lips and then she slowly lowered herself on to my stiff member. Rita then lent bank and started to slowly at first raise herself up and down as we fucked, then she started to build up the pace as she rode my cock for all it was worth. I was in heaven and it felt so good being deep inside this gorgeous Scandinavian beauty. She rode me for about 5 minutes until she sensed I as on the edge of cumming and said, “give it to me, give me your spunk”. I exploded deep inside Rita with the most explosive jets of hot cum I have ever produced as she came at the same time.

“Mmmm” said Rita, lovely as her fingers dipped into her pussy and then she licked my cum off of them, “tastes gorgeous”, she laid back and where a minute ago my cock had been pounding there was Steve licking my cum out of his wife’s pussy, whilst I started to fondle and kiss Rita again, with her hand she continued to wank my now limp penis and slowly but surely it started to harden once again.

Rita must have given Steve some kind of nod or a wink, because he then said “OK Guys, I’ll leave you to it”. I couldn’t believe my luck, here I was naked in bed with a blonde Scandinavian beauty, with her husband leaving me alone to fuck her senseless.

Over the next hour or two ( I lost all sense of time) I fucked Rita doggie fashion, missionary, spoon, but my favourite was when the slowly rode me again on top, this time gently and lovingly. As she fucked me I tensed my pelvic and floor muscles which made my cock twitch inside her “What was that she said, do it again”, and “mmmmmm oh yes” as did.

I finally withdrew and asked Rita where she wanted my second load “In my mouth” she said, she lay on the bed I knelt astride her and pulled her gorgeous breasts together so I could slide my hard cock between them, I must have fucked her like this for a good five minutes before I felt the cum rising and then I came all over Rita’s face with at least three jets finding her open mouth. “MMMMMM she said lovely, I love the taste of cum”

Rita then gave me a big kiss and said “Thank you” to which I said “No, Thank you!” as we both got out of the bed, as I put my watch on I noticed it was now 11.30 and wed been playing since 8. I have to say the best three and a half hours of my life.

Rita and I met several times after that with both Steve present and not, and we became good friends as well as having a wonderful time together. She and Steve moved back to Norway two years ago, and I have to say I miss our fun, but I miss her and Steve even more.