Written by Andrew T

15 Nov 2017

Hi all, I’m Andrew and I’m married to Karen, we are both 42 and our sex life had slowed to us having sex about one or twice a month so we decided that we were in a good place in our marriage that we could try and sample the swinging life style. We tried a few swinging web sites sights and even sent some suggestive photo’s to a few couples., we had a great response but it was mainly people wanting sex with Karen. T be fair she is very attractive, has a great figure with full breasts and long ginger hair so we decided to try it with just her first. She wasn’t happy with the thought of me having sex with another woman until she had been laid first because as she put it, she knows she could stop at any time but was worried that I may become transfixed with the idea.

After a few weeks we were contacted by Paul. Paul is a widower, 55 and quite a good-looking guy, well build and according to Karen has ‘trusting eyes’ whatever that means. We meet in a bar and all get on well so agree to meet again in a hotel about 50 miles away. The next meeting goes well and I had e mailed him to say that Karen was shy and that if this went ahead he would have to take the lead and that I wanted to be there. I told Karen this but she insisted that I not be in the room so and got an adjoining room and the key between the two.

The plan was that I would wait until it was obvious they had stared and open the door slightly so I could watch but the plan didn’t work out like that. I watched them walk into the room together, Karen shot me a glance to make sure I was ok I guess and I nearly called her back but let her go with him but instead of waiting for a while I managed less than a minute. I put my ear to the door and already could hear Karen’s muffled cooing which meant they had started. I opened the door slowly and watched.

He was say on the bed with Karen already topless standing in front of him. His hand cupping her breast with him gently sucking her nipple then his tongue flicking it before it disappears into his mouth again. I watch my wife’s hands trembling as she places it on his face and her she look sup at the ceiling as he has a good suck. Then he unzips her skirt and pull’s it off to reveal her newly shaved pussy. I listen to Karen whimper as his hand slips between her legs and he starts massaging her pussy. He knows I’m watching but my wife is oblivious as she leans forward and asks him ‘ are you going to fuck me’. He says he’s like too and pulls off his top and trousers to reveal a thick cock at half mast. He puts his hand on her face and they kiss, then he asks her if she would suck his cock, my wife has a deep intake of breath say ‘oh’ then slowly drops to her knees and puts it in her mouth and I watch her head bobbing and she sucks him off.

He looks over and smiles at me before stroking her hair. By now I’m hard as fuck watching my wifes perfect form on her knees quietly moaning as she sucks this stranger off. The he leans down and says to her ‘ now I’m going to fuck you, are you ready’? before his cock leaves her mouth she starts to say yes please. He lays my wife on the bed and as she does she sees me and bites her lip. I mouth to her that I love her but as she starts to mouth something back her head jerks back and her hips thrust upwards as his mouth covers her pussy and he starts to eat her out.

For the next half hour I stand and watch him move from her pussy to her shaking breasts sucking and biting as he fists her. By now she’s shaking and crying which I know to be a sign that she’s well on her way to an orgasm, then the hottest thing happens.

He slows down and asks her if she wants him inside her, ‘ do you want my cock inside you’? I hear my wifes’ pleading ‘please put it inside me, please be gentle but you have to fuck me’. He asks if she’s sure and her reply is clear ‘ I’m sure, please hurry I’m cumming’ then in one move he slides inside my wife and its confirmed by a shriek and its confirmed by Karen’s ‘oh dear fuck all the way’ and ‘deeper, deeper just keep going please don’t’ stop’.

I stand there and watch his tanned arse bouncing on my wife, her breasts bouncing in rhythm to his thrusts. Thinking back now it sounds stupid but even as my cock is in my hand I’m thinking that we hadn’t agreed on him wearing a condom and he’s not. I’m thinking that I should tell him not to cum inside her but I didn’t want to spoil the moment. For a while Karen’s on top riding him, her breasts bouncing, sweat covering her perfect body before he pulls her over and onto her back and he’s back inside her fucking her hard. And I’m listening to her begging him for more, ‘ Oh shit , Oh fuck I’m cumming’ and ‘keep going’ then the worst it it, the part that made me wonder if we had done the right thing, ‘ please cum inside me’ . He says something and she seems to get angry ‘ fill me with cum you fucking bastard’ and her her legs wrap round him holding him in place and she’s bucking and thrusting. He says something about her husband not liking it and she’s quite clear ‘ I don’t give a fuck what he likes, fuck me and cum inside me’ then she screams that she’s cuming and he gives her three or four hard thrusts.

It’s pretty clear that he’s impregnated my wife and as she begged him to do. I close the door and masturbate over the loo and sit on the bed. I thought it was over but they fuck for another 10in or so and its pretty obvious he cums again and so does she.

Afterwards, when he’s gone she tells me she can’t remember saying these things but tells me that it was the most amazing experience and that she’s happy for me to fuck another woman as log as she can meet Paul again.

They’ve spent the night together a few times with me next door fucking a women Karen’s arranged for me to shag.

Its brightened up our sex life and now, except the three or four times she meets Paul for a shag, she’s on her back with my dick in her most days. I’d recommend the life style to anyone.