Written by Terry

27 Feb 2010

Last night, for the first time in months it was not snowing, raining, or frosty and relatively mild, at least in the south of the UK. I'd hired a van to help a mate move and all that was left were a couple of double mattresses which I loaded in the van for delivery Saturday morning. Alison my wife had helped and laid in the back commenting that it would make a good passion wagon like this. We've been dogging 2 or 3 times so I suggested we go out and see if we could find some fun. It was months since the last time and she was all for it.

Alison went to get ready, which really meant showering, shaving her fanny and little else. At 42 she looks pretty good, slim narrow waist, shapely legs, small tits with hard little nipples and, being a redhead, a lovely pink pussy. At about 10pm she was ready, hold up stockings, high heeled boots, a butt plug in her arse as she loves the sensation of feeling of being fucked with both holes filled and makes things easier if she fancies being arse fucked. With a coat over the top we set off reaching the area about 11.

A quick drive round the car park showed 2 cars parked and as we passed one the interior light flick on showing a couple kissing, and 3 blokes standing by it. We circled back to the entrance and stopped. Alison got out, leaving her coat and stood in front of the van illuminated by the headlights. She walked down the centre of the car park with me following, close enough for her to get in if need be. She was being watched and turned towards the car, stopping 30 yds away, running her hands over her body, fondling her tits then reaching between her legs to rub her pussy, before turning, bending at the waist, spreading her legs, revealing the plug in her arse, inserting her fingers in her cunt for a quick wank. She then quickly got back in the van, commenting it was to cold stay out any longer and we parked turning all the inside lights on. She rested her feet on the dashboard and opened her legs revealing her wet pink, open gash, using one hand to frig her clit she took her rabbit vibrator from her bag. The occupants of the other cars were outside watching as she switched it on, slipping the rotating tip into her cunt. She fucked her self, pushing it in until the vibrating ears touched her clit. holding it firmly she started moving on it in a fucking motion, close to cumming. I had my prick in hand and lent over sucking her nipples at the same time pressing on the plug in her arse, which sent her over the top as she came, cunt juices gushing out of her pussy.

The couple had gone back to their car with one of the men, the other two still watching through the window, wanking. I knew Alison would be ready to be shagged. In the summer she likes to be fucked on the car bonnet or over a picnic table. But it was to cold for that so I asked if she wanted to invite them in to the warm van. "Tell them to get in the back" she said climbing between the seats on to the mattresses. I told them and joined her in the back as all three of us stripped. On her hands and knees she took hold of one prick and pulled him to her mouth, taking the helmet between her lips and sucking him into her mouth. The other bloke moved behind her, spread her legs wider and held his prick against her pussy. He slid his cock along her slit making sure he had contact with her clit holding his prick firmly before putting his cock head in her hole. His prick was about 6" long but thicker than average. Alison's groaned loudly as she felt her cunt stretching open when he penetrated her more deeply, his cock rubbing against the butt plug filling her arse, just the other side of her cunt wall. Sucking hard on the cock in her mouth she moved to meet each thrust of the prick in her cunt. He started slowly, realising she liked him to pull almost completely out before ramming his cock in her hard, forcing the butt plug in her each time. With her sucking his prick the bloke fucking her face came and shot his load down her throat. He moved aside and she took me in her mouth, sucking more gently. Her cock filled cunt was still being pounded as he began moving faster in and out until she shuddered, and threw back her head shouting she was cumming when he gave her his spunk. She always likes to be licked out after being fucked so I got under her and moved my head between her legs, spunk dangling from her gaping cunt as she lowered her pussy to my face to lick and suck, using my tongue to excite her engorged clitoris. She slowly stroked my prick, just keeping me erect until I brought her almost to orgasm, when she moved and lowered her cunt onto my prick fucking me until we both came, me gushing my cum to mix deep in her cunt. We told the 2 lads that was it for the night then dressed, leaving them watching the action in the other car.

Hopefully the weather will improve now and soon we can get out more and have some outdoor fuck play. Alison's only complaint was that they had cold hands - but everything else was HOT!