Written by Williamstrap

25 Jun 2011

Working in London in the 80’s, I went to a sex cinema in SoHo one lunchtime, I was dressed in my suit and tie and wearing an over coat, I was amazed to be watching real porn in this little cinema and soon a man sat next to me even though there were lots of empty seats else where. He was easy to spot as he was an hasidic jew and was dressed traditionally. He soon was nudging his leg against mine, I did not move, I could hear my heart pumping in my head and my cock was super hard, at this time I had not actually ever really experienced any sex with a man and considered myself straight.

He moved his bony hand onto my thigh and then moved it slowly up my leg, I daren’t breath, he was soon rubbing my cock through my trousers and then reached for my zip. At that, I woke up to the situation and quickly got up and left.

The next day however at lunch time I found myself back in there and soon enough he was also there and soon made his way to sit next to me.

The same sort of thing happened but this time when he tried to undo my zip I let him, he also under the catch opening my trousers fuklly, he reached in and pulled my cock out, it was SOOOOO fucking hard, his hand I remember was cold and his fingers soon grasped my cock, he just gently massaged it, no great speed, not much action but with in less than a minute I was about to cum. I have never before or indeed since cum with such force, I imagined I could actually hear the expulsion and the first shot of cum actually flew right over my shoulder, the second spurt landed on my shoulder and the third on my tie.

I was 25 and apart from as a young teen had never done anything even close to this with a man.

I quickly covered myself and left, I remember trying to get rid of the stain on my jacket and tie before I got back to work.

25 years later I still remember that erection and that orgasm.