Written by happycouple

5 Feb 2012

This happened about 2yrs ago,me an my wife have sex about 1 or 2 times a week ive always wanted to see her suck another mans cock and see how far she would go. it was friday nite ive ha been texting her all week telling her wot was going to happenon friay nite i new this was making her horny she was sending me photos of her semi naked, anyway friday nite came i told her we were going out for a drink i could see the look in her eyes that she was up for it she whent up stairs an dressed in her 1/4 re bra and thong and suspenders and stockings.we went to a seclude pub were we ha a drink she had opened up her coat i could she her nipples were rock hard through her sheer blouse and she had opened her legs just enough for me to see her red thong after a few drink i new she was up for anything we went for a for a drive were i stopped and we groped a little her blouse was open an i was sucking on her nipples her legs wide open for me to feel my god she was saoking wet i rubbed the outside of her thong it felt so good,she had my cock out and was wanking me sudendly i could see someome outside her side of car window scared the fuck out of me ,i told her she said not to worry with that she sucked my cock i had the biggest hard on ever she had her arse facing the windowshe told me to open the window a little as the car was steaming up an to give this guy a better look i was a bit worried but she put my mind a rest and told me not to worry she suck my cock till she felt my ball tighten and stop, then with a big smile took her thong off nice and slowly then opened her window open wide put the light on an slowly fingered her pussy for us bothshe looked at me and said would it be alright if she felt his cock i said yes please with that she told him to walk over my omg he had the biggest cock i have ever seen she took him and wanked us both then she sucked him till he cum he must have had loads as it was dripping out the sie of my wife mouth she swollowed every bit of him .i got her out of the car an fucked her doggy style in front of this stranger it was so horny