Written by wantstotry

1 Apr 2013

ok so I met my friend and we went for a quick drink first then headed to the spa. I wasn't sure what to expect.

I was shown into the changing area and given a towel so I thought i may as well just get into it and stripped naked and wrapped myself in a towel.

My friend was showing me round the spa area and there was a free hot tub so we jumped in and chatted for a bit, I could hear some interesting sounds coming from the jacuzzi. They stopped when the bubbles stopped. I had booked a massage for half an hour after we arrived, so I then went for that, which was very good.

After the massage I took 5 minutes to chat to my partner and we then went up to the rest rooms. As soon as we got up stairs I could hear people having sex in lots of private locked rooms. There is one large lockable room and 2 large open play/rest areas. We had a look in one of the open rooms and there was a couple, he had her on all 4's and was pushing his fingers in her. It actually didn't look that enjoyable, and they didn't want people to come join them they were very closed off. Using the whole space so no room to join. So we headed to the big play room which was empty. We climbed onto the very large cushioned area and started to play together another couple came in and went to the far end of the bed and started playing too. The girl was going down on him and keeping her back to us but he was watching. Very soon a man alone and another couple came to watch. We moved position into a 69 pose so everyone could see what i was doing to him. The man alone pulled his towel to the side and started to stroke himself.

then the other couple joined us on the bed. They started to have sex next to us. I then moved onto all 4's so he could take me from behind while I beckon the guy who was standing alone to come over. He did and I barely touched him and he pulled away and came all over his towel. So he then walked away and I started to stroke the other girls arm to see if she was interested. She responded by putting a hand on my breast. I then started to kiss, suck and lick hers. She was still being fucked by her boyfriend but I slide my hand down between her legs and started to play with her clit, which was pierced. My partner then pushed my head down towards her cunt! I started to lick and suck that too

her partner then pulled out enough for me to start sucking him. I went back to her and he came all over the side of my face and pussy that i was still licking. So he moved away for a minute to compose himself and my partner then asked if he could fuck her. She said yes with a condom, so grabbed one while me and her continued to kiss and feel each other. He then mounted her and started fucking her hard. He was a lot bigger than her partner and she was a squirter and she soon sounded like she was in heaven.

The other guy that had came so quick returned to watch again.

My partner then got off her and back onto me while she was playing with my clit and kissing me. We continued this for a while until her partners was ready to start playing again. He came over and I started to suck him hard again. While he was kissing his girlfriend. My partner moved back to fucking her while I continued to suck him and play with his balls. I then lay back on the bed again and this time I invited the guy watching to come over to me and I had one on either side of me, touching me while I was moving my head back and forth between the too of them. Her partner was almost ready to come again so I kept my mouth working on him and my hand on the other guy, wanking what i can only describe as the hardest cock I have ever felt. It was like a rock. Her boyfriend came hard again and made so much noise about it. Like a bear roar. He then fell back to recover. I turned to the other guy and he then came straight away all over my chest. He moved back to make room for me to join my partner and the other girl. My partner was nearly ready to cum too so I moved over to them and started kissing the girl while he pulled out of her and moved his cock near our mouths. He then came all over our faces as we kissed.

It was an amazing night and a great introduction to the spa. I can't wait to go again. Although I think I may go on a singles afternoon as I would love to try it with more men all round me.