Written by Steve-o

21 Feb 2008

I have for a number of years now been trying to persuade my wife to have a 3 sum with another man. I have always wanted this and often fantasised about this whilst together, I would ask my wife if she was up for it and she would only agree after many drinks had been drunk, the morning after it never seemed to be mentioned and so was never acted upon.

One night the same situation was developing when my wife was tipsy and asked me what my fantasy was, I replied “you know what I want” to which she certainly did. After a few more minutes she mentioned for me to arrange something, but I declined and said that she would have to arrange something as I didn’t want to put her under any pressure and that It had to be her decision alone. Later on in the evening we talked about what would happen and ended up setting up an account and advertising ourselves as a mid thirties couple looking for a man to join us for some nsa fun. We were showered with replies even on the very night we advertised but found it difficult to distinguish who was genuine or not. We even had a scout ourselves and everyone I pointed out to my wife she declined so I left her alone and told her to try and find someone she was keen to meet and then I would come and join her.

After an hour she shouted down to me that she had found someone and they had even been sending each other messages and he now wanted to chat in the chatroom. I was excited and told her to go for it, she asked to be left alone before I joined in as she had not mentioned anything about myself in the brief exchanges to each other so I reluntancly went back downstairs. After half an hour she came downstairs herself and informed me we were all meeting tomorrow evening and she was really excited about it.

I quizzed here on who it was and we went together to view his profile, he was average height, quite muscular and early forties which really surprised me, I asked her why she had chosen him. She said he had just been on cam for her and had something special which gave me the answer she didn’t want to tell me direct, but I was happy with that.

The next day we dressed and went to the city together excited about what the evening would bring for us. My wife was throwing drinks down her neck and was soon very tipsy and we still hadn’t even met the guy she had arranged to meet. It was now 15 minutes past our meeting time and we were resigned that maybe he wasn’t going to turn up, but then someone approached our table and said hello to Helen, she smiled and pecked him on the lips. We all talked together for about half an hour and then decided to move onto a club as it was now 11ish, Helen and Mike went off dancing together and then came back with cocktails and chasers! Helen was drunk by now and was openly flirting and very suggestive with Mike but he was very relaxed and confident with Helen, when a fast song was playing Helen was nodding away to the music and telling Mike she loves to fuck to this music (which was news to me), he just replied that would be great whenever we are ready. This was the point where we had to make the decision I thought to myself but before I even looked at Helen she was stood next to Mike waiting for me to join them.

We soon arrived at his hotel where he informed me which room he was in and that he would take Helen with him to his double and was to follow as soon as reception was clear. I didn’t like the idea but Helen was already walking off with Mike. Luckily for me it was only a short wait and I followed in their direction and soon found his room so I knocked and listened. It was Helen who answered and she was naked apart from her boots, I looked surprised and she told me Mike had asked her to leave them on, meanwhile she said she needed to get back to Mike and that I could watch for a bit. I entered the big double room and saw Mike sat on the couch naked with the biggest cock I had ever seen in flesh, Mel ignored me and knelt down and continued to suck his swollen cock, for the next hour I sat and watched and listened to Mike give Helen the most incredible fucking she had ever had. He was very experienced and certainly knew how to treat a lady, he was very persuasive and dominant which inspired Helen, it was like watching another woman she was like a submissive animal to a dominant pack leader and I couldn’t believe this was the same woman I was married too. After a while they collapsed together, they then talked and Mike was asking me if there was anything I wanted him to do to Helen, I was dumbstruck and couldn’t think of anything. It wasn’t long though before he was up again and this was the pattern for the whole night I lost count of how many orgasms Helen had but myself alone had cum four times just watching, it was and still has to be the best evening of our married life which we hope to repeat in the future.