Written by ADT

22 Nov 2008

I have worked for a rather well known alarm company for the last 6 years and thought that I would tell you of something that happened to me in March this year. In my job, I have to visit houses to quote for and design the alarm system that the customer wants to buy.

I called at a large, old house in a well wealthy area of South London. The house already had an alarm which was a very old system and the owner wanted it up-dated, so he arranged for a review, which was what I was sent to do.

When I called at the house, the door was opened by a very well dressed man in his mid 50’s, he introduced himself as the home owner and said what he wanted, but as he was about to go away on business his wife would ‘sort me out’! He kissed his wife goodbye and left.

His wife was in her mid to late 40’s, with blonde hair about one third down her back, striking blue eyes and a very good figure for her age. She was dressed in a smart business like skirt and jacket. She smiled and said ‘would you like a cup of tea, before we get down to business?’ And walked off towards the kitchen where we sat and drank tea as I suggested the type of alarm they needed.

While we talked she kept asking me questions about the system, some of these questions seemed innocent, others not, such as ‘how much protection would you use?’ She then said things like ‘my husband is away a lot on business, sometimes for weeks, and I wouldn’t like for someone to break in and force themselves onto me while I sleep alone in my bed’.

Also the way she was licking her lips as she drank, seemed very erotic. I felt very aroused by her actions and actually began to feel myself feeling flushed! We finished our tea and she then said ‘shall I show you around the house now?’

We got up and looked around the house.

As we reached the top of the stairs she said (all innocently) ‘I can get so lonely sometimes, being all alone here for weeks.’ We walked a bit further and she showed me into one of the rooms ‘this is the fifth bedroom, that is the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th, main bathroom and the main bedroom’ as she pointed to various doors. She then said ‘if you excuse me, I need to use the bathroom’ and walked away. I carried on looking around the house and making notes, going from room to room. I could hear her moving about in the bathroom, and then she came out and walked into one of the rooms.

When I came out of the 4th room, the door to the last bedroom was closed, I pushed it open and walked in. I noticed that some of the wardrobe doors were open and there was some clothes left on the bed. As I turned around to assess the room, I noticed that the door to the en-suite bathroom was slightly open – I walked towards the door and pushed it open, and there, standing before me in nothing but a pair of lacy knickers was the wife.

She looked at me and smiled, I was a bit shocked and embarrassed, and must have looked flushed because all she said was ‘don’t be shy, I wont bite’.

She then walked over to me, kissed me and took my hand leading me into the bedroom. She throw the clothes on to the floor and then sat on the bed and said ‘I told you I get very lonely here all alone. I want you to kiss me’.

I leant forward and kissed her on the lips and she responded by pulling me down onto the bed and pushing her tongue in deep into my mouth, as she did so I slid my hand up her body to her rather voluptuous tits, her nipples were as hard as anything and as I touched them she squealed ‘bite them’. I slowly leant forward, taking a nipple in my mouth and gently sucking on it; she wriggled on the bed and started to pull at my jacket. I sucked harder and the gently closed my teeth around the nipple, she groaned and said ‘harder you bastard, harder’ – so I bite down harder onto her nipple and she groaned louder.

She already had my shirt undone and half down my arms as I was undoing my trousers, she was in a frenzy trying to get me undressed – a woman possessed. My cock was straining to get out of my boxers as she pushed me off her and off the bed; I stood there (a little confused) with my cock sticking out the top of my boxers. She looked at me and smiled and then said ‘you thought you were going to have your way with me didn’t you, well you’re wrong – I’m going to have my way with you’.

She slipped off the other side of the bed, walked around it towards me and pushed me onto the bed. Taking hold of my boxers she slowly pulled them down, releasing my cock which was standing like a flagpole, she then knelt on the bed and slowly lowered her mouth towards my waiting cock without taking her eyes off of mine. Her lips stopped about half an inch from the tip and she gently blew onto it – the feeling was fantastic, then she slowly ran her tongue from the tip to the base of my shaft, but still kept eye contact with me. As her tongue ran up the shaft again it stopped at the tip and then she slowly closed her lips around it and then slowly sucked my cock into her mouth until I was completed swallowed. The feeling was so great that I could feel myself building up to cum, she slowly slid her mouth up my shaft and then down again – as she did so, she gently rubbed her teeth up and down my skin which only seemed to intensify the feeling. After several minutes of this I could feel my balls begin to tighten and just as I was about to say ‘I’m cummin’, when her hand shoot up to my mouth and stopped me from talking. She kept up the rhythm of her mouth on my shaft and seconds later my balls tightened and I felt my cum pump into her hot mouth, she didn’t break the rhythm she had going but managed to suck and swallow all the cum I was giving her.

As my orgasm subsided she kept up the rhythm on my cock, which made my cock pump for longer than it ever has.

When I finished cummin, she slowed the rhythm and eventually stopped with her lips at the tip of my cock. All the time her eyes were fixed on mine – I don’t remember her breaking that stare once!

She stood up with her hands at her sides, still holding eye contact and then slowly ran her hands up her legs until she reached the waist band of her knickers, she stopped, slipped her thumbs into the waist band and slowly pushed her knickers down. As they dropped to the ground, I got my first look at her shaved pussy. She stepped forward out of them and knelt onto the bed; her knees both side of my legs and then slowly crawled up my body until her lips met mine. She started to kiss me, her voluptuous tits pushing down on my chest. I grabbed her head and tried to pull her hard onto my lips, but she grabbed my hands and said ‘NO, keep your hands off!’ and pushed them away. She carried on crawling slowly up my body until she was knelling either side of my head, then she lowered herself down onto my chest – her shaved pussy inches from my mouth.

‘Now I’m only going to say this once’ she said ‘you will lick me and your fucking hands had better not touch me, understand’ I went to speak and she put her hand over my mouth ‘UNDERSTAND?’ I nodded. ‘Good’ she said.

As she slipped forward, I could smell the odour of her wet pussy and my tongue shoot out to meet it. My tongue touched her lips and she stopped moving, I slowly ran them up and down her lips several times as she started to quiver, on the next pass I gently pushed my tongue in between her moist lips and got the taste of the juices, which were already flowing quite well.

I pushed a little deeper and then withdrew, she looked at me and said ‘don’t you fucking dare’, I pushed my tongue in deeper and then moved it up towards her clit. As I reached her clit, I tasted metal and realised that she had a pierced cliterous – as I touched it, she shivered and gave out a small yelp, and then lowered herself slightly more. My tongue began to work on her clit and after about 10 minutes my tongue was getting tired, but I could feel her movements were getting stronger and assumed that she was building up to an orgasm, her moans were getting louder and louder, until eventually she was almost screaming. My tongue carried on flicking and licking her clit, until I felt it start to pulse; as it did she bucked and writhed on my face as her juices began to flood out onto my face.

She screamed at the top of her voice as she bucked on top of me for several minutes. Then she collapsed onto all fours, her juices still flooding from her pussy onto my face as I tried to lick up as much as I could. I tried to look up at her face but was greeted by the sight of her lovely tits swinging back and forth above me.

She swung herself off of me and then off the bed and said in a very stern voice ‘stay’. I didn’t move.

She walked out of the bedroom and was gone for several minutes, when she did return she had two long glasses of something and then she said ’you did very well there; I’ll let you have a drink before we carry on’. I dared not speak! She laughed and said you can talk now.

We chatted for several minutes as we lay there, she was slowing rubbing her hands up and down my stomach and chest and kept touching my now slowly recovering cock. When I had fully recovered, she looked at me and said ‘now I want you to fuck my pussy and when you cum, I don’t want you to fucking well pull out, understand?’

I looked at her and said ‘will that be okay? Don’t you want to use something?’

She looked at me with the type of look a naughty boy gets from a teacher and then she said ‘No you wont, I want to feel your cum inside me – UNDERSTAND?’

She lay back onto the bed and told me to get up on my arms; she took hold of my cock and gently guided me into her hot, wet pussy. It was very easy for my cock to slide into her with all the juices she had produced. When I was inside her, she raised her legs up over my shoulders and then said ‘I want you as deep as I can get you, and when you cum, I want to feel it deep. Don’t you fucking pull out’?

This position always get me going, and I find that if I move position slightly my cock will rub on the woman’s clit - giving us both maximum pleasure. I started to slide in and out of her slowly at first and then after several minutes, I changed my position slightly, as I did so she took a deep breathe and made a ‘mmmmmmmmm’ noise – she obviously like it.

I carried on fucking her like this for some time, her moans getting louder all the time.

After about 15 minutes she said (well panted) ‘fuck sake, I cant hold back any more – cum in me before I do’.

I changed position again, which I find will get me cummin in minutes if not seconds, and then I felt my balls tighten again and a heat start to build up.

‘I’m cummin’ I said and she said ‘thank fuck, so am I’

My balls exploded at the same time that she started to buck and pull me into her. I felt my cock pushing deep into her as I pumped my sperm into her unprotected womb.

When we had both finished, I went to fall onto the bed, but she almost screamed at me ‘Don’t you fucking move, I want to feel your cum as far into me as possible’

I stayed where I was until she told me to move.

We lay there for several minutes chatting and she asked if I was married or was involved with anyone, I said that I wasn’t and then she said ‘my husband is away for 3 weeks, can you stay here with me? We can do that every morning and night’

I stayed and have been back several times since when her husband is away.